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Sunday, February 21,
2021, 8:00 am
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8:40 A.M. 2/23/21:

Public Utilities reports that all tanks have recovered; significant emergency repairs to large lines at Flowermound and running through Fort Sill have been completed. There are still small leaks to be repaired; crews are working to identify and remedy if located leaks are on city service lines. The West High Zone will soon be moved off of gravity flow soon, to help further restore water pressure.

Citizens are still, as always, encouraged to report water line breaks or concerns to Water Distribution at 580.581.3419.



3:15 P.M. 2/22/21: 

Public Utilities crews report multiple valves were repaired on a Flowermound line in East Lawton. The elevated storage tank on the east side is filling quickly to help restore normal water flow and pressure to citizens in the area. Crews continue to work on other line repairs across the city, to include repairing valves on a 42-inch line that runs across Fort Sill. 

The patience and support of the community as issues are worked through, as after effects of the historic winter storm, is appreciated. 

Any water outages or other unusual issues concerning water should continue to be reported to 580.581.3419.



10 A.M. 2/22/21: 

Water pressure issues continue to be experienced across the community this morning 2/22/21. Public Utilities reports that the demand across the City, due to a significant number of private line breaks and city line issues currently being remedied, has taxed the water supply and this is the main contributor of low/no water pressure. Crews are still working to assist citizens and address city line issues. Repairs for a main break at NW Cache Road will begin at 10:30 a.m. 2/22/21.

Relevant, community-wide alerts will be posted to this page and to 

The patience and support of the community as issues are worked through, as after effects of the historic winter storm, is appreciated. 

Any water outages or other unusual issues concerning water should continue to be reported to 580.581.3419.



8:30 P.M. 2/21/21: Regular water pressure should largely be restored to affected residents. Citizens are encouraged to conserve water as an affected water tank refills. Any water outages or other unusual issues concerning water should continue to be reported to 580.581.3419.

*** Please note that Pecan Valley Waterworks is a separate water-managing entity from the City of Lawton. Questions regarding water issues that affect residents served by this entity should be directed to Pecan Valley Waterworks. ***



5:30 P.M. 2/21/21: An issue has been identified along a water main at Fort Sill that feeds into the city. Crews are currently working to resolve. Public Utilities reports that headway is being made to restore water pressure through given repairs, and to restore fuller water restoration in an affected tank. Public Utilities also reports that there are vast, unrelated residential and commercial issues that continue to be felt as an after effect of the historic winter storm. This has placed a lot of demand on the distribution system, which has further complicated remedying community-wide water issues through the day.

Citizens are still encouraged to report any unusual amounts of standing or moving water, or any water outages, to 580.581.3419.



2:45 P.M. 2/21/21: City crews are still working to identify and resolve water main issues. Crews have worked through the west side area and have not identified any breaks; crews are now isolating portions of a large main at Fort Sill to potentially identify issues with water pressure and outages in Lawton. There is still no estimated time or repair as exact breaks have not yet been identified.

In addressing specific community concerns, per the Public Utilities Department of the City of Lawton:

  • There is no immediate concerns in regard to water supply for the city.
  • Filling tubs and sinks is not recommended at this time and can actually strain the current water supply.
  • Water currently running through our distribution system is safe to consume, wash and bathe in.

Additional updates will be made to to keep the community apprised of the situation.



12:40 P.M. 2/21/2021: There are rumors of a water line bursting from Lake Lawtonka dam. This information is inaccurate and false. Staff understands that a separate issue has caused water issues in the town of Medicine Park. Citizens seeking updates from the City of Lawton are encouraged to monitor this webpage via for those updates.

Crews are currently working to isolate sections of the water distribution system to identify where the west side break is. No main trunk line breaks have been identified on the east side but ongoing water pressure issues may be a result of a vast number of residential waterline breaks.

Updates to this situation will continue to be made to the community as needed.



10:15 A.M.: 2/21/2021: Crews are still searching for the main break(s) and believe there may be multiple. One is suspected to be in or around the westside industrial park. Community partners in that area have been notified. 

Since the direct issues have not yet been identified, there is no estimated time on repair or water pressure restoration. Citizens are still encouraged to report observations of unusual amounts of standing or moving water to 580.581.3419 to assist crews in locating issues. Citizens are advised that due to the vast volume of calls, there may a brief wait time to report.

The Lawton Fire Department has partnered with Lawton Public Works and Volunteer Fire Departments in the area to ensure there is water supply for fire protection.



8 A.M. 2/21/2021: The City of Lawton is aware of low/no water pressure in several areas of town this morning 2/21/2021 and that this is likely due to a water main break. Public Utilities crews are out searching for the break so that it can be repaired. If you see unusual amounts of standing or moving water, please call this into 580.581.3419. Thank you.

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