General Information-Winter Weather Operations, City of Lawton, February 2021

Red - Severe Risk and Disruptions
Wednesday, February 10,
2021, 12:00 pm
Until Further Notice


Updates to Winter Weather Operations will be provided to this page via City of Lawton Public Works Department & City Management


UPDATE, 1:30 P.M. 2/21/21:

As an after affect of the historic winter storm, water issues are being experienced across the City of Lawton. See more information on this here:


UPDATE, 2:15 P.M. 2/18/21:

Conditions are improving and continue to improve with the rise in temperature. Drivers should travel with caution if travel must be had.

In regard to questions about clearing residential areas:

City of Lawton road clearing crews operate based off of a priority list when severe winter weather strikes, in order to service the most critical areas of town most frequented by drivers. They first focus on clearing and treating bridges, overpasses, intersections and hills. They then move to focusing on clearing lanes at major arterial roads in town. (Many times, depending on the intensity and pattern of the weather event experienced, critical areas must be plowed or treated several times to keep them safe and passable.) These crews oversee the clearance of approximately 160 lane miles on these arterial roads. There is an additional 1,500 lane miles of residential areas within the City of Lawton. As operations are limited in terms of staffing, materials and equipment, it is protocol and procedure to focus only on clearing critical areas as mentioned above. Residential areas and private property are not cleared or treated by City staff or with City equipment. Residents are reminded to avoid or reduce travel during severe weather, and to adequately prepare for such events.

For local updates by text, email or call, regarding this winter weather event from the City of Lawton, residents are encouraged to opt in for "News Releases" or "Traffic Advisories" via the community notification system of CodeRED:


UPDATE, 3 P.M. 2/17/21:

All City of Lawton sites will resume normal operations and hours 2/18/21. The public is reminded of stipulations concerning the City's partial reopening due to COVID:

Crews are still currently clearing roads; conditions are improving and expected to continue to improve in days to come. Citizens, however, are still urged to avoid travel if possible.

For local updates by text, email or call, regarding this winter weather event from the City of Lawton, residents are encouraged to opt in for "News Releases" or "Traffic Advisories" via the community notification system of CodeRED:


UPDATE, 8:15 A.M. 2/17/21:

Crews continue to clear roads by plowing, salt and sanding operations. Citizens are reminded to keep their distance from equipment on the roadway if they must be traveling. Though crews are working to make sure one lane remains passable on the major arterial roads, travel is still advised against. Residential roads are the most hazardous. Conditions are most unfavorable to low-profile vehicles with only 2-wheel drive.

  • Citizens are encouraged to continue monitoring the National Weather Service and traditional media outlets for the latest weather updates.
  • Citizens are reminded to conserve energy as outlined in below updates.
  • Citizens are advised to allow outdoor pets to remain inside.
  • Citizens are advised to continue taking precautions to protect pipes and water meters.
  • If travel must be had, citizens are advised to carry an applicable survival kit
  • Citizens should call 911 in the case of an emergency.
  • Citizens are reminded, except for critical services, the City of Lawton is closed entirely 2/17/21 due to inclement weather.

Commercial trash collection is still slated to occur 2/17/21.

Concerning general utilities, the City of Lawton manages and supplies only water to the City of Lawton. Partner agencies such as PSO and CenterPoint supply/manage service for electricity and natural gas.

Visit for more information on winter weather preparedeness.


UPDATE, 7 P.M. 2/16/21:


Due to unprecedented demand straining the electric grid and natural gas infrastructure in Oklahoma and surrounding states, energy conservation is still needed to help prevent forced cutbacks in electric and gas service across the state. Oklahomans are asked to continue efforts to conserve energy in their homes and businesses. Even tiny reductions in energy can make a big difference.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission reminds Oklahomans to do the following:

  • Lower thermostats to 68 degrees
  • Avoid using high-energy appliances like washers, dryers, and dishwashers
  • Unplug unused small appliances; these draw electricity even when turned off
  • Turn off unnecessary lights


UPDATE, NOON 2/16/21:

The majority of City of Lawton sites and facilities will close at 3 p.m. 2/16/21 and remain closed through the entire day on 2/17/21. Another round of severe weather is expected to begin this afternoon and citizens are still urged to avoid travel.

Streets crews are currently conducting inspections, restocking materials and checking fluids to continue emergency operations. Crews will work throughout the night and then in 12-hour shifts as conditions warrant.

Citizens are also advised to conserve energy in accordance with requests from local utility companies.

Read about winter weather preparedness and view other information at


UPDATE, 8:50 A.M. 2/16/21:

The controlled rolling power outages have affected City sites and facilities. Additionally, these outages will cut power to traffic signals at various areas of the city during these 1-2 hour increments. The City has no schedule of when or where these outages will occur but are working to monitor any updates from PSO. Citizens are advised to drive cautiously. Intersections without working traffic signals should be treated as a 4-way stop. 

Crews worked to clear and treat roadways through the night but drivers are still urged to avoid travel during this time. Another round of severe weather is expected to begin this afternoon. Updates and news concerning City operations will continue to be posted to this webpage.


UPDATE, 4 P.M. 2/15/21:

Crews have continued to clear roadways and will work through the evening. Drivers, however, are still advised to avoid travel during this time. First responders have assisted many stranded motorists throughout the day.

City of Lawton staff will report to work tomorrow 2/16/21 and be available to assist and serve citizens as needed. The public is advised that the City of Lawton is still operating under a partial reopening due to COVID ( City leadership will monitor weather conditions and it is possible that sites and facilities will close early. Citizens who have urgent City business that must be tended to are encouraged to do so during morning hours. 

Additional updates concerning City operations and hours will be posted to this webpage for the community.


UPDATE, 10:30 A.M. 2/15/21:

Critical personnel are working to clear roads but conditions remain hazardous. Drivers are still urged to avoid travel.

The City of Lawton will no longer have a delayed start 2/15/21. Due to road and weather conditions, the City of Lawton will remain closed entirely 2/15/21. (Critical personnel will continue to report into work as needed.) 

More severe weather is expected in days to come. The community will be kept apprised of City operations and updates through this webpage.

Residential trash collection services are still running 2/15/21; the Lawton Landfill is still open and intends to remain open until 5 p.m. 2/15/21.


UPDATE, 3:30 P.M. 2/14/21:

Winter weather operations are in full effect and plowing equipment is currently working throughout the city. However, road conditions are extremely hazardous; snow continues to build up in areas that are plowed. Visibility is low and drivers are still urged to stay off of the roadways if possible. 

The City of Lawton will also have a delayed start time of noon 2/15/21. 

The delayed opening means that City staff will not report to work until 12 p.m., therefore most sites and facilities will be closed completely until that time. If conditions warrant, a later start may be authorized by the City Manager and the community will be kept apprised. Those with questions or concerns can contact given offices digitally or by phone. Contact information for all departments is listed online at

(Critical personnel are still required to report to work at traditional start times, in accordance with Admin Policy 1-12 of the City of Lawton.)

Residential trash collection is still intended to run as normal 2/15/21; the City of Lawton Landfill intends to be open as well, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 2/15/21.

Those scheduled to appear for a court date at Lawton Municipal Court on 2/15/21 between 8 a.m. and noon should contact Lawton Municipal Court at 580.581.3265 to find out when their appearance will be rescheduled.


UPDATE, 5 P.M. 2/12/21:

Streets division will initiate emergency operations on Saturday night 2/13/21 and continue 24 hours operations until conditions warrant. Additional support for emergency operations will be provided by various city divisions as needed. Citizens are urged to avoid or minimize travel during incoming severe weather.


UPDATE, 11 A.M. 2/11/21:

Equipment is being pulled from routes to begin maintenance and preparations for the next event. Trucks will respond to calls for specific areas and Night Call will respond after hours. Crews have been notified to be prepared to respond as the next event moves in.

Updates will continue to follow as necessary.


UPDATE, 6:45 A.M. 2/11/21:

City of Lawton salt/sanding crews worked through the night and continue to monitor/address areas of concern on the roadways this morning. Citizens are reminded to remain at least 200 feet behind salt/sanding equipment on the roadways and to not pass this equipment on the roadway. Other winter weather preparedness information, a link to an electrical outage map and a state road conditions map can be found here:…

In accordance with previously published updates (found below), the City of Lawton still intends for most offices and facilities to open at 10 a.m. 2/11/21, with a delayed start. Relevant updates concerning City of Lawton operations will be posted to this page. Citizens are encouraged to follow outlets such as the National Weather Service for the latest regarding winter weather.


UPDATE, 4:15 P.M. 2/10/21: 


City of Lawton sites, with limited exceptions, are still closed to the general public. However, citizens may still be seen by appointment in certain cases. Tomorrow 2/11/21, there will be a delayed opening for most City sites and facilities. The delayed opening means that City staff will not report to work until 10 a.m., therefore most sites and facilities will be closed completely until that time. If conditions warrant, a later start may be authorized by the City Manager and the community will be kept apprised. Those with questions or concerns can contact given offices digitally or by phone. Contact information for all departments is listed online at


Normal residentialsolid waste collection routes are intended to run tomorrow 2/11/21; the City of Lawton landfill is also intended to be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 2/11/21. Some commercial customers may not have received trash collection on 2/10/21 due to weather conditions. Commercial stops that were not collected on 2/10/21 will be added to the 2/11/21 schedule to be collected.


Colder weather is expected to continue to create hazardous road conditions and general challenges throughout the week. Citizens are urged to stay off the roads or drive very slowly if travel must be had. Citizens are advised to take precautions to avoid pipes freezing. Citizens are advised to bring pets indoors. General tips, alerts and preparedness links are available at


PSA, Noon 2/10/21: 

Seven Salt & Sand Trucks have been deployed since early this morning 2/10/21. Streets/Traffic Control monitor the potential for hazardous weather to the community whenever the possibility exists. Winter weather operations are implemented when conditions warrant; they are put into effect by department leadership that monitor roads when hazardous weather is expected to be incoming. Bridges, overpasses, hills and intersections are the primary focus right now due to the increased hazard at these locations. (Yes, all roads/road areas may be slick and hazardous currently but those critical areas where people may completely lose the ability to stop versus just sliding around are key to tend to.) As falling moisture tapers off and salt and sand begins to be effective at those locations, trucks will be able to expand operations to include the salting/sanding of major thoroughfares. It is important to understand that temperatures are still below freezing so critical areas that are treated, due to the continuation of falling precipitation and displacement of the materials (the salt and sand) due to traffic/vehicles, may need to be retreated. The timing of weather events and the intensity of conditions impact roadways in different ways and this dictates the response provided by Public Works. For general knowledge, typically materials are not applied to roads prior to events as the sand can only provide traction when it is on top of the ice layer and must be reapplied as additional moisture covers the material. Additionally, if applied prior to a weather event, vehicles or precipitation may displace the materials. Rock salt is added to the sand to provide melting capabilities to the mix, but rock salts melting effectiveness decreases with temperatures at or around 20° F. Emergency operations are in effect and road crews will remain active for 12hr shifts covering a 24hr period for as long as conditions warrant.



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