Our Purpose

Lawton Animal Welfare’s (LAW) provides public health and safety for the citizens and animals of Lawton, Oklahoma. Our first focus is ensuring that the streets are safe by capturing animals running freely through the neighborhoods before they become injured or cause injury. The second focus is the enforcement of animal related ordinances that ensure the health and safety of all concerned as well as the needless over-breeding of animals within the City of Lawton. Once in our care, LAW is committed to providing humane care and protection of animals while they are in our facility.

Animal Welfare


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Lawton Animal Welfare
2104 SW 6th Street
Lawton, OK73501
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Tuesday-Friday: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2-6 p.m.; Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.




LAW firmly believes that every animal’s life is valuable and that every effort should be taken to save each life through owner reclaims, adoption, or foster care placement through a rescue organization.  This is accomplished through our P.E.T.S. program: Promoting proper care of the animal; Educating the public on pet ownership and its responsibility, including the necessity of spaying and neutering their pet; Training staff, volunteers and the public on how to handle animals; and Saving each life that we can, ‘One Animal at a Time.’


LAW also believes that pet over-population can be reduced by spaying and neutering pets. We validate this belief by performing surgical spay and neutering on all animals that are adopted or rescued from the shelter and by informing owners that are reunited with intact animals of the value of the spay/neuter programs.

Racing for Rescue

15K Race ~ Racing for Rescue

Another CHALLENGE has been ISSUED, and of course ACCEPTED!!!

“IT’S THE RACE TO 15K” !!!

Why are we RACING?

We're 'Racing for Rescue,' because each and every like that we get on our page(s), the more people who may be willing to share our Adoptable PETS videos, posts, and pictures, ultimately saving more lives.

A Short Answer would be: “For the Animals,” of course!!!

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Weekly Adoptable PETS Video

Adoptable Dogs in Lawton Animal Welfare January 22, 2019

All adoptable animals have been FIXED, Spayed or Neutered (ALL Cats and Dogs are FIXED), Vaccinated (Age Appropriate), Micro-chipped (at point of Adoption), and will have a City License issued (if we gave it a Rabies shot, if we didn't you will be required to put down a $15.00 Rabies Deposit), as well as a *basic health check by our Veterinarian (we highly recommend anyone who Adopts any animal, from us, or anywhere else, take them to your Vet for a Full Health Check).

Meet Willie Nelson at Furry Friend Friday

Furry Friend Friday, Oklahoma Pet of the Week, WILLIE NELSON

Willie is around 1 Years old, he is a Male, mix, (possible Long Haired Doxie, and maybe Pekingeses, but his face is not smushed in at all) who IS FIXED, very friendly, walks PERFECT on the leash, and he really enjoys being close, making him the perfect lap dog (although he also enjoyed laying, on the floor, next to me as well)!!!

12 December 2018 Adoptable Pets

Lawton Oklahoma Animal Welfare's Adoptable PETS Weekly Video 12 December 2018

Adoptable PETS Weekly Video Walk through in Lawton Oklahoma's Lawton Animal Welfare Shelter.

Furry Friend Friday NALA

Furry Friend Friday

Furry Friend Friday, PET OF THE WEEK, Meet "NALA" a Miniature Pinscher Min Pin

Nala is a 3 month old, female, Miniature Pinscher (Min-Pin), AKC Registered (the paperwork, will NOT be transferred, and she IS FIXED), who is very friendly, and enjoys being close, and is full of SPUNK!!!