Mission Statement

"Efficiently administering policies and procedures that are consistent with City values, while providing professional management and leadership, for the betterment of the Lawton community."

About the City Manager's Office

The City Manager’s Office, located on the second floor of Lawton City Hall, is led by acting City Manager John Ratliff. His support staff includes Deputy City Manager Dewayne Burk (Public Safety and Parks & Recreation), Communications and Marketing Manager Caitlin Gatlin, Multimedia Specialist Dalynna Wood, and Executive Administrative Assistants Tammy Huffman and Tiffany Bechtel.

The City Manager's Office is responsible for gathering data and information to support the policy-making needs of City Council while implementing administrative policies, overseeing fiscal management, promoting community coordination, encouraging interagency collaboration and managing day-to-day operations of city departments.  Our purpose is to serve the citizens who choose to live, work and play in the Lawton community.  We honor their commitment to our community by providing extraordinary services.

The City utilizes the Council/Manager form of local government, which combines strong political leadership of elected officials, – in the form of the City Council, and mayor – with the strong managerial experience of the City Manager. The topmost position of the City's organizational structure is reserved for Citizens, who elect the City Council and mayor. The City Council appoints the City Manager, who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer, as well as the City Attorney, City Clerk and Municipal Judge.

The City Manager’s office oversees all departmental activities, enabling and supporting the departments as they serve our community, and also instills the City's vision among employees to foster an outstanding level of service. The primary goal of the City Manager's Office, and all public servants of the City of Lawton, is to provide efficient and effective services to resident and business owners.

Vision Statement: Providing public services that empower citizens to focus on personal goals, hopes and dreams. 

Mission Statement: Efficiently administering policies and procedures that are consistent with City values, while providing professional management and leadership, for the betterment of the Lawton community.   

Our Values:
Integrity: We are honest and ethical in all actions taken, even when no one is watching. 

Accountability: We are accountable to the public and we take responsibility for the actions and decisions of the City employees.

Innovation: We embrace change, are flexible and responsibly experiment with new ideas, programs or technologies to improve effectiveness. 

Communication: We commit to the open, clear, timely, constructive and collaborative exchange of information with a results-focused approach. 

Respect: We are courteous and seek to understand and acknowledge the views and values of everyone. 

Leadership: We have the courage to go first, take risks, inspire others, and consistently work toward the betterment of the Lawton community.

Any concerns about the operations of the City can be directed to the Manager's by phone at 580-581-3301 or email at @email

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