About The Emergency Communications


To ensure prompt emergency services for the citizens of Lawton, Comanche County, and Ft. Sill, the Emergency Communications Department strives to provide effective public safety services through the appropriate and timely dispatch of animal welfare, fire, police, medical, and rescue units.


Accountability – We are accountable to the citizens, and accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Achievement – We continually strive for a higher level of excellence through training, certification, recertification, and continuing education.

Compassion – We treat all people with dignity, care, and concern. We are empathetic to the needs of others. We are respectful and courteous always.

Cooperation – We anticipate the needs of our co-workers and work together to help each other succeed for the benefit of all.

Innovation – We continually seek new ideas to improve our effectiveness, and develop existing methods to reduce redundancy.

Leadership – We are self directed and motivated. We lead by example. We quickly identify problems, produce solutions, and act decisively to ensure that our responsibilities are met and that our community remains safe.