About Us

The Engineering Division is responsible for the construction administration of capital improvement program projects, city capital outlays projects and other special funding projects. These duties include the construction administration, survey, design and inspection of projects. The division reviews and coordinates the preparation of plans and specifications by consultants for various projects. Projects include all types of municipal infrastructure such as streets, drainage, water, sewer and other special projects. Other functions include GIS System updates, archiving of the city construction plans, responsibility for city construction standards, surveying functions for the city and special studies/reports. 

George Hennessee - City Engineer

Provides supervision for the Engineering Division including 3 Civil Engineers, 1 Development & Construction Manager, 1 Land Surveyor, 1 Senior CAD Technician, 1 Right of Way Agent, 4 Construction Inspectors and 1 Administrative Assistant. Performs special studies/reports and manages various projects. He oversees all City construction projects.


Administrative Assistant: Cindy Porter

Responsible for performing the administrative needs of the City Engineer and the Director of Water/Waste Water Department. This work includes over-all organizational operations and polices preparation and maintenance of budgetary accounts, monthly reports, council agendas, preparation of project specification books and routine office practices. 

Senior CAD Technician: Sandra Malicoat

The Senior CAD Technician helps the engineers in producing working drawings for city wide CIP. She maintains databases and atlases for water and storm sewer She also maintains GIS data for the city, division inventory and website updates.

Surveyor: Michael Porter, PLS 1514

The surveyor does all the boundary surveying for all departments. GIS data gathering for Public Works infrastructure and other departments. Geographic Management of all our survey and engineering data. His current projects and responsibilities include: File & Record Monuments & Land Corners; Topology Creation for Infrastructure; Cemetery Surveys; 2008 CIP Projects; 2012 CIP Projects; 2015 CIP Projects; Surveying for all City Departments; Flood Plan Verifications; GIS Data Gathering and Analysis; Citizen/Council/Mayor Complaints.

Right of Way Agent: Michele Winham

Responsible for maintaining right-of-way maps and acquiring easements, fee simple takings and other land issues for the City of Lawton. Responsible for negotiations on all Engineering projects done in-house. Prepares council agenda items related to right-of-way issues. Answers questions regarding right-of-way issues for city departments.


The engineers performs complex and professional engineering work for environmental, water, sewer, street, storm drainage and other public works projects and programs ensuring technical competence and compliance with all current codes and criteria. Also serves as Project Manager. City engineers currently include: M.M. Azim, P.E.;Shivani Rani, Associate Engineer.


The inspectors perform routine construction inspection work for environmental, water, sewer, street and other public works projects and programs. Assures compliance with federal, state and local codes, standards and contractual provisions. Current inspectors include: Victor Rosa, David Eppler, Gary Ward and Jeff Roberts.