Fire Prevention

Fire Scene Investigation

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for proactively preventing threats to life and property within the City of Lawton, through Code Enforcement, Fire Investigation, and Public Education. Code Enforcement is achieved by the adoption and enforcement of the local, state, and federal fire codes. These codes are designed to regulate and govern the safeguarding of life and property from fire and explosion hazards arising from the storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices, and from conditions hazardous to life or property in the occupancy of buildings and premises in the City of Lawton. These codes are enforced through regular routine inspections, special inspections, complaint investigations, and building plan review through the permitting process.

Fire Scene Investigation is conducted to determine the origin, cause, and circumstances of any fire, explosion or other hazardous condition. The fire investigation could identify construction and/or design deficiencies or practices that should be changed in the future to prevent threats to life and/or property. The fire investigation could also identify that a fire was intentionally set (arson), which would be a felony crime. If the fire investigation becomes a criminal investigation, then the Fire Marshal’s personnel would pursue criminal charges being filed.

Public Education is a year round activity that strives to educate the Citizens of Lawton on ways to safeguard their homes and businesses against threats to life and property. These topics would include but are not limited to Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Escape Plans, Flammable/Combustible Liquids, Electrical Fire Safety, and Adequate Means of Egress. The Fire Prevention Division operates the Fire Safety House, which is a 36’ trailer used for educating the public about Home Fire Safety. The asset is used throughout the City of Lawton as well as surrounding communities in an effort to protect life and property.

The Fire Prevention Division assists with policy development for the Lawton Fire Department. The division works with the Engineering Department to help provide oversight of the local water distribution system, as it relates to fire protection. We also work closely with the Building Department, Planning Department, and Engineering Department with regard to new commercial and residential developments.

The Fire Prevention Division is comprised of Fire Marshal - Mark D. Mitchell, Deputy Fire Marshal - Michael J. Wright, Assistant Fire Marshal - Marc A. Sutphin, Assistant Fire Marshal - B. Heath Want, Fire Investigator - Travis J. Lee, and Administrative Assistant - Beverly Sinor.

To contact the Fire Prevention Division, please call (580) 581-3299.