No.  If a citation is paid before your scheduled court date, your court appearance is not required. However, there are many charges that require an appearance before the Judge and these charges cannot be paid until seen by the Judge.

You are required to appear before the Judge to request permission to pay a traffic fine after your arraignment date has passed.  The Lawton Municipal Court is located at 102 SW 5th Street, in downtown Lawton. Traffic arraignments are scheduled at 9:00am, Monday through Friday, except published holidays or by prior order of the Court.

Under Oklahoma law, municipal courts are required to transmit a violation within five (5) days of the final disposition date to the Department of Public Safety. Some offenses do go on your driving record and some do not.  For additional details, information or questions you should contact DPS at (405) 425-2059.

The Defendant must receive permission from the Judge for any Continuance of a court date. If a Defendant fails to appear and a citation is not paid prior to the court date, then a warrant is issued.

If it is a type of citation that does not mandate a court appearance, then yes, another person may pay your citation. However, you will need to sign the back of your citation and have them bring the signed citation with them. The citation may also be paid on-line or by telephone.

A driving record is available at any tag agency.

You can come in to the Court Clerk’s office and have the Judge assess your fines/costs and then pay with cash, cashier's check, money order or credit/debit card; or contact the Court Liaison, Sgt. M. Martinez at 580-581-3262; or you can turn yourself into the custody of the Lawton Police Department after hours.

When a warrant is closed, the Court Clerk's office will process a release for the suspended driver's license and the defendant will then work with the Department of Public Safety to get the license reinstated.

Requirements of DPS:  

Take the release to the Department of Public Safety, located at 8 SE 7th Street, Lawton, Oklahoma.  The phone number for Driver Compliance is 405-425-2059.  The suspended driver's license is not reinstated until the requirements of the Department of Public Safety are satisfied.


This website is NOT a substitute for legal advice. The intent of this webpage is to provide pertinent information regarding the processes and structure of the Lawton Municipal Court.  It contains options available to those in receipt of a citation issued by a complaining party, the City of Lawton Police Department, Neighborhood Services, Code Enforcement, or Animal Control.  The court is not responsible for the misinterpretation of the information provided on this website.