Judge's Office

The City of Lawton Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch of City government and is created and authorized by Oklahoma State constitution and statutes, and city ordinance as a Court Not of Record. The Municipal Court serves the citizens of Lawton through the efficient processing of misdemeanor violations.

Duties as required by State law include record-keeping, accounting and reporting to State agencies, receipt and disbursement of monies tendered for fines, bonds, court costs and related fees. As the law dictates, the dispositions of traffic offenses are reported to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, as are requests for suspension of driving privileges for failure to comply with terms of citations.

The Honorable Nathan Johnson, Municipal Judge, presides over the Court and provides judicial determination of alleged violations of municipal ordinances in a just, speedy and cost effective manner. These procedures include the initial appearance (arraignment) where the defendant is advised of the charge and notified of his or her rights and possible sentence before a plea is accepted. The Court holds additional hearings to set bond, appoints attorneys for the indigent, issues administrative orders and rules on various motions presented before the court. Additionally, the Court convenes for non-jury trials and jury trials as required.

The Director of the Lawton Municipal Court is Jillian Allison. She and the rest of the Court Clerk staff are committed to providing outstanding customer service. Although we will not offer legal advice, our staff members are here to help the citizens navigate through the necessary legal processes they face with the goal of providing a high level of quality customer service. Our hours of operation are from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, and we are open during the lunch hour as well.