Court Rules

A detailed list of the Court Rules is available and should be reviewed before making an appearance or litigating in Municipal Court. Read the COURT RULES here.

Below is a brief summary of common answers to questions about the Court Rules.


Court security is stationed and observes all court proceedings. In addition, the Court building is equipped with video and audio surveillance equipment. Weapons of any kind are not allowed, regardless as to whether the individual has any type of firearm permit or not. Any questionable items brought into the court and/or court clerk’s area will be removed by law enforcement.



Any person removed from the courtroom for a violation of any court rule will be deemed to have not appeared.



Court arraignments are typically held each business day at 9 a.m. and again at 1:30 p.m. Court arraignments are the defendant’s opportunity to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendre.



Valid identification and/or the citation are required during arraignment.



All parties will treat each other in a professional and respectful manner.  Yelling, excessively loud talking, profanity, or profane gestures will not be tolerated.



Persons making appearance before the Court shall be dressed appropriately. Distracting clothing is prohibited in the Courtroom. Gentlemen should wear long pants and collared shirts with sleeves, ladies should wear pants, dresses or skirts of a modest length and modest shirts or blouses. Violation of the guidelines may result in your unexcused removal from the Courtroom.



The court shall preserve order and quiet in the courtroom. Unnecessary conversation, loud whispering or any other disconcerting or distracting activity by anyone in the courtroom or so nearby it creates diversion is forbidden.



Prior arrangements should be made for childcare. However, regardless of circumstances, crying, loud, or disruptive children and infants shall leave the courtroom. 



Cell phones or electronic device usage is not allowed during a court session except for purpose of displaying or providing evidence.  Any other use is not allowed; All electronic devices are to be turned completely off or set to silent when in the court room.



All audio and/or video recording is prohibited in the courtroom.



Use of tobacco, in any form whether true or synthetic, including all e-cigarettes and vapor devices are forbidden.  Any form of tobacco use, e-cigarettes and/or vapor products on city property is prohibited; this includes the parking lot and grounds surrounding the Court building.


Contempt of Court:

The violation of a Court Rule is contempt of court. Contempt of court may be administered by the court in order to protect the rights of the parties and the interests of the public by assuring the administration of justice is not obscured.