The Lawton Police Department is broken down into different sections, or divisions, within the department. The different divisions perform different functions and consist of other units within them.

Non-Uniform Division

The Lawton Police Department's Headquarters Division consists of Command Staff, Professional Standards, Public Information Office and the Special Operations Section. Within the Command Staff is Chief James T. Smith, Assistant Chief James Apple, Deputy Chief William Hines (Non-Uniform Division) and Deputy Chief Rusty Wright (Uniform Division). The City of Lawton Emergency Communications (Dispatch) is also under the governance of the Chief of Police.

Vickie Ange is also assigned to the Headquarters Division as the Chief's secretary. She handles day to day inquiries and calls and is responsible for maintaining all personnel files at the station. Mrs. Ange can be reached at (580) 581-3200 or vange@lawtonok.gov.





The Lawton Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division is commanded by Captain Brian Morris along with two Lieutenants, Lt. Charlie Martin and Lt. Billy Grimes. The Division is comprised of two sections, the Persons detectives and the Property detectives. There are currently 17 Investigators within the Division; 7 Property Investigators, 7 Persons Investigators, 2 full-time Crime Scene Investigators and one Computer Forensic Investigator. The Division is supported by one secretary, Kristie Bolan, who also serves as our pawn clerk. You may reach the Division by calling (580) 581-3240 or send a fax to (580) 581-3248.

The Criminal Investigation Division participates and reports to the LeadsOnline program which assists in the tracking of Pawn Shop activity and jewelry exchange businesses. LeadsOnline is a national company with numerous Agencies across multiple States. Whenever information from a pawn transaction is uploaed to Leads, it automatically notifies the Agency where the individual resides. This program has been instrumental in solving multiple cases of stolen property.

Please go to our Crime Statistics page to see current and past information concrning crimes that have occurred in Lawton. You may also visit our Lawton Sex Offender page or the Oklahoma Sex Offender page to get a list of registered sex offenders.

Lt. Brad Davis is in charge of the Training Division and he is supported by three Sergeants. The Training Division is responsible for all training of the department to include monthly In-Service training as well as special training for members of the department and the coordination of outside Agencies needing specific training. The Division frequently provides training for the Lawton Public Schools, Cameron University, and other local Agencies. You may contact the Training Division at (580) 581-3399.

*If you would like an Officer to come speak with your group or organization, or if you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch program, this is where you would start.*

Narcotics and Vice enforcement.

Uniform Division

The Lawton Police Department's Uniform Division, or Patrol Division, makes up the majority of the department and is under the direction of Deputy Chief Rusty Wright. There are currently over 100 Officers within the Uniform Division. We have six different Patrol Teams; Adam, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Frank. Each team is assigned to a specific duty time and days off. Each team is commanded by one Captain and two Lieutenants. Within each team, the officers are divided into either Westside or Eastside of town with Sheridan Road being the boundry and 1 Lieutenant from each team is assigned to a side. Within each side of town, the areas are further broken down into zones (1-12).

There are also specialized units within the Uniform Division and that would include Lakes, Traffic Units, COP, K-9's and the Gang Unit. Each of these units are supervised by a Lieutenant. We also have specialized teams within the department under Patrol; Dive Team, Tactical Team, Bike Patrol, Canine, Honor Guard, and Hostage Negotiators. These teams are made up of various officers and supervisors throughout the department.

In the Uniform Division, Officers vary in experience and rank. There are Probationary Officers that have recently attended the Academy and are in training. After being on the department for a year, they are then reclassified as Officer. After completing three years of service, an Officer may test for the Sergeants Incentive. Once he or she has passed the test, they will be eligible for the Sergeant designation at their four year anniversary.

Lieutenant Bill Jenkins is in charge of the Lake Patrol. The City of Lawton is responsible for both Lake Ellsworth and Lake Lawtonka, to include boathouses, camping sites, and picnic areas that are on City property. Lt. Jenkins has two full-time officers assigned to the Lake Patrol. . During the summer months while lake activity is at its highest, extra officers are assigned specific shifts at the lakes for better coverage.

If you would like more information on rules at the lakes you may contact Lake Patrol Headquarters at (580) 529-2800.

Contact Lieutenant Jenkins at wjenkins@lawtonok.gov



Lieutenant Justin Thorne is in charge of the Traffic Division. Currently, there are both motorcyle officers assigned to the traffic unit and non-motorcycle traffic officers. This unit is responsible for traffic enforcement on a daily basis but also responsible for the investigatin of major traffic collisions. Members of this unit have been trained in advanced traffic collision investigations. Current plans are to obtain training for this unit in Traffic Collision Reconstruction where more precise and exact details of a collision can be recorded for major collisions.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to traffic or traffic enforcement please contact Lt. Justin Thorne at (580) 581-3270 or by email at jthorne@lawtonok.gov

The Lawton Police Department has three officers assigned to Community Oriented Policing full-time. Although we have three full-time officers, every officer is involved in the Community Oriented Policing idea. Without help and input from citizens and community involvement, the departments objectives would be difficult to reach.


Sgt. Stephanie Crawford
Office #: (580) 351-6727
Cell #: (580) 512-3169
Fax #: (580) 581-3535

Officer Dustin Dye
Office #: (580) 351-6725
Cell #: (580) 512-3165
Fax #: (580) 581-3535



Lieutenant Brian Shotts is in charge of the Gang Task Force for the police department. The Gang Task Force is currently manned by Sergeants and Officers in addition to Lt. Shotts. The Gang Task Force is responsible for identifying, locating, and monitoring gang activity within Lawton. The Gang Task Force works with other Local, State and Federal Agencies in the identification and prosecution of gang members and their crimes.

The Gang Task Force is also responsible for the education of citizens concerning gang activity. This is accomplished by numerous programs in which they teach awareness to local civic groups, schools, and other law enforcement personnel.

You may reach the Gang Task Force at (580) 581-3220.