Water Wastewater History

Water Wastewater History

History of Medicine Park and Southeast Water Treatment Plant:

The City of Lawton MPWTP was first built in 1939, then it was renovated several times to its existing capacity.

In November of 2001, the City entered the construction phase for upgrade improvements at Medicine Park WTP, which were required to enable continued compliance with the Safe Water Drinking Act regulations (SWDA), and to increase plant capacity to 40mgd. In 2004 MPWTP was modified from a 35mgd to a 40mgd plant. Construction of the SEWTP was initiated due to varying water quality and increasing water demands in the system. The City selected the capacity of the SEWTP to initially start a 10mgd.


History of Wastewater Treatment Plant:

The City of Lawton WWTP was originally built in 1978.  At the time of construction, the City of Lawton WWTP was considered one of the first plants that provided advanced treatment. The City of Lawton WWTP has gone through several improvements and upgrade.  At its present capacity, the WWTP is capable of treating 18 mgd of wastewater.