MP Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Our Purpose:

Our primary goal is to make safe drinking water for our customers that meet all guidelines set forth by EPA and ODEQ.  We also strive to make it pleasant to drink.  We run over 6,000 analyses monthly to ensure that the water meets or exceeds these guidelines.  We also analyze 100 bacteriological samples per month throughout our distribution system to ensure that the water is free of bacteria.We are a surface water treatment plant.  We also treat water from Lake Lawtonka. 

Located at 82 East Lake Drive Medicine Park, OK 73557

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Medicine Park Details

For Taste & Odor Complaint, Contact: 580-529-2703


For Discolor Water Complaint, Contact:580-529-2703


For New Pipe/Contractor, Bac T Test or Real Estate, Contact: 580-529-2703

More About The MP Water Treatment Plant

We are a plant capable of producing 40 MGD (million gallons per day).  We are a 24 hour facility.  That means that there is an operator here 24 hours a day/seven days per week.  The original north plant and south plant were built in the late 1930s, and the plant underwent a renovation in the early 2000s.  The renovation made the one plant that is here today. 

Both the Medicine Park and Southeast Treatment Plants have analytical laboratories where tests are ran to ensure the safety of the water and to ensure that the plants are running efficiently. Medicine Park Plant analyzes approx. 6000 samples monthly. The plants run everything from pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness, to Total Organic Carbon and chemical verifications.

Both of the Water Treatment Plants (Medicine Park & Southeast) perform 340 daily tests in house to assure the safety of water, the City performs 102 monthly Bac-T tests.  Additionally , 42 monthly, 16 quarterly, 20 annually, and 30  test (lead and copper) triennially are performed at a contract lab.  These analysis are performed to assure safety of water that is distributed to our customers. The City issues a Consumer confidence report in June of every year to provide the consumers with the information about the quality of their drinking water.

Division Staff:


Carl Gray  -  Water Treatment Plants Superintendent

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Bret Kelley  -  Plant Line Supervisor

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Jeffrey Dorrell  -  Chief Chemist

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Barbara Evans  -  Administrative Assistant II

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