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The City of Lawton has two Water Treatment Plants, Medicine Park Water Treatment Plant (MPWTP) and the South East Water Treatment Plants (SEWTP) which supply safe drinking water to the City of Lawton. The plants are governed by the EPA in conjunction with ODEQ by setting federal and state guidelines for the plants to follow by frequent testing and analysis of the water. Both MPWTP and SEWTP are surface water treatment plants that use Enhanced Coagulation, Ozonation, GAC Filtration, and Chlorination/Chloramination to achieve treatment goals. 

Located at 4596 SE 15th Street Lawton, OK 73501. Phone number: 580.581.3532.

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More About SE Water Treatment Plant

 In November of 2001, the City entered the construction phase for upgrade improvements at Medicine Park WTP, which were required:1) to enable continued compliance with the Safe Water Drinking Act regulations (SWDA); and 2) to increase plant capacity to 40mgd. In 2004 MPWTP was up dated from a 35mgd (million gallons daily) to a 40mgd plant. The old plant used 2 separate plants to achieve the max flow, the north plant built in 1967 and the south plant built in 1932 both located in Medicine Park. The north plant had the capability to treat up to 25mgd and the south 10mgd. Both plants were comprised of an independent headworks/chemical feed facility, accelerator flocculation/sedimentation and filtration. The chemical feed facilities were consolidated and centralized in a 1987 rehabilitation project. The City`s ultimate decision in meeting overall goals was to expand MPWTP to 40mgd followed by the construction of the planned SEWTP to satisfy varying and increasing water demands in the system. The City selected the capacity of the SEWTP to initially start a 10mgd with a build-out capacity of 40mgd. To fully realize the future 40mgd build-out capacity, the SEWTP will be expanded in phases. As water demands increase so too will the capacity of the SEWTP by expanding and adding on additional filters and clarifiers. Also it has the capability to back-up the MPWTP in Emergency situations, as it did during the Ice Storm of 2009.

Both the Medicine Park and Southeast Treatment Plants have analytical laboratories where tests are ran to ensure the safety of the water and to ensure that the plants are running efficiently. Southeast Plant analyzes approx. 3500 samples monthly. The plants run everything from pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness, to Total Organic Carbon and chemical verifications.

Both of the Water Treatment Plants perform 340 daily tests in house to assure the safety of water, the City performs 102 monthly Bac-T tests.  Additionally , 42 monthly, 16 quarterly, 20 annually, and 30  test (lead and copper) triennially are performed at a contract lab.  These analysis are performed to assure safety of water that is distributed to our customers. The City issues a Consumer confidence report in June of every year to provide the consumers with the information about the quality of their drinking water.

Division Staff:


Carl Gray  -  Water Treatment Plants Superintendent

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Kenny Runyan  - Plant Line Supervisor

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