Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Our Purpose:

The City of Lawton WWTP includes 26 professionals with diverse expertise to perform functions such as biological treatment, maintenance of mechanical equipment, maintenance of electrical equipment (high voltage), instrumentation, laboratory analysis and inspection of industrial facilities. These professionals make sure that wastewater that has been collected from households, businesses, and industries are treated in accordance with the State and Federal requirements and do not pose any harm to the receiving stream where the WWTP discharges to.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 8104 SE 15th St. Lawton, OK 73501.

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The City of Lawton WWTP was originally built in 1978.  At the time of construction, the City of Lawton WWTP was considered one of the first plants that provided advanced treatment.  The City of Lawton WWTP has gone through several improvements and upgrade.  At its present capacity, the WWTP is capable of treating 18 mgd of wastewater.

The City of Lawton WWTP and Industrial Pretreatment Program strives to discharge treated wastewater which meets or exceeds all state requirements set forth in our permit.  The plant accomplishes it’s goal by monitoring area industries and food service establishments to ensure interfering pollutants are not introduced into the Publicly Owned Treatment Works; as well as by being proactive in the treatment process through testing and analysis, operator training and routine maintenance.  The plant increases reliability of the process through testing and modifying operations.

Division Staff:


David Hastings - Plants Superintendent

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Jeremy Dilbeck - Maintenance Supervisor

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Aaron Daugherty - Plant Line Supervisor

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Linda Lake - Chief Chemist

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Melissa Dyches - Administrative Assistant

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Phone Number: 580-581-3445