Mission Statement

The Solid Waste Collection Division is responsible for maintenance and operation of a refuse collection system for the City of Lawton. Responsibilities include once a week residential collection, providing commercial and industrial waste collection daily.

Our mission is to provide our residents with the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective solid waste collection services possible while preserving public health, protecting the environment, and being responsive to customer needs.

Solid Waste Collection




City of Lawton
2100 SW 6th Street
Lawton, OK73501
United States


Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Wed. 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

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Carts can be out as early as 6 P.M. the day before your collection, and no later than 7 A.M. on your collection day to ensure prompt service.


***NOTE THAT BEGINNING 4/5/21, the City will offer automatic bulky waste collection to all residents monthly. Visit https://www.lawtonok.gov/news/information-once-week-residential-trash-collection-monthly-free-bulk-collections to learn more.***

Our operators place the orange tags on carts to notify the resident that they are having an issue servicing your cart. Common problems include: Cart overfull, the cart should have all trash inside the cart and lid able to close; Cart in unsafe place, carts should be placed a minimum of 5 feet away from all objects to include vehicles, mailboxes, fences, trees, and other utilities.        

Additional carts are available for $5.20 per month per additional cart. Signees are required to keep the additional cart fee for minimum 12 months. Citizens with more than one cart should allow at least 5 feet between them on days of pick up.


For lost or damaged cart assistance contact our Solid Waste Collection office at 580-581-3428

Solid Waste Collection offers house side pickup, meaning that those enrolled in this service do not have to place trash cans at the curb. Workers will instead collect a resident's garbage from the side or front of their home, where the trash can is typically kept on off days, and then return it to that same spot after dumping.

Those with disabilities wishing to enroll will incur no additional cost. Notes may  be hand-delivered or sent by mail to the Revenue Services Division: 212 SW 9th Street, Lawton OK, 73501.

Those without disabilities wishing to enroll in this service may do so for $4 a month. Please call 580.581.3428 for additional information.

Carts should be placed in the street, at your curbside and have at least 5 feet clearance of any obstructions on all sides (this still applies if you have two carts). The wheels should be facing the curb.

Although the City of Lawton does not have a Recycling Program at this time, our neighbors and community partners at Fort Sill MWR manage a nearby Recycle Center. More information on the Center can be found by calling 580.442.5712 or digitally.


Thanksgiving Day collection will be moved to Wednesday, November 24,2021.

Remaining holidays will be serviced on their normal collection day.