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This division is part of Finance and more commonly known as the "Water Department." Our main office is located on the first floor of Lawton City Hall, at the northwest end of the building. We bill and collect for water. sewer and trash services. We also install, read and maintain water meters. We strive to provide these services to our citizens as seamlessly and professionally as possible.

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Utility Billing Software Conversion Update

The City of Lawton has two new and one revived Self Service Portals relating to your Utility Bill.  The first one is the City’s Main Self Service Portal.  Once you have signed up for this portal you will first link your account so you can see the information relating to that account.  You can link multiple accounts to your portal.  Once the accounts are linked, you can perform multiple functions, such as change your mailing address, submit service requests directly to the City and designate your bill delivery preferences.  You can also view past bills for your address as they accumulate. Not only will you be able to view the total amount due on the bill, but you will also be able to view the charges for each individual service along with the current and previous meter and the usage that relates to that service.

 As a part of this portal, you will also be able print a copy of your utility bill if you so desire.  This portal also tracks the last twelve months of usage for the City’s metered services for the past twelve (12) months. This way you will be able to detect the possibility of a leak before it becomes a problem.

The second portal is the payment portalThis portal can be accessed via a separate username and password for you to pay your bill.You have two separate methods to pay your bill.  You can create the separate username and password or just make a one-time payment.  If you elect to make a one-time payment you will need your current utility bill to refer to your account number and customer number(example 00001234-987654).  Through this system the City of Lawton accepts two methods of payment a debit/credit card or your bank account.  If you elect to pay via debit/credit card you will be required to pay a third-party transaction fee of $3.75 per transaction.  If you elect to pay via your bank account, there is no third-party transaction fee.

If you elect to login to the payment portal, you have numerous features.  You can view your payment history or view a copy of the amount owed on the bill.  You can sign up for the City’s AutoPay service.  By signing up for the AutoPay service you ensure your checking account or debit/credit card is drafted in a timely manner, thus avoiding any late fees or cut-off charges.  If you elect to not sign up for the AutoPay service, you can still make one-time payments from your payment portal.  The payment portal will also allow you to have notices sent your email address when your bills are ready.  The same options for payment are available through your payment portal as in the one-time pay module and you will be able to save your method of payment for future uses if you so choose.  When paying using this site you will need to allow for a 3-business day processing period.

The City of Lawton has revitalized the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System by calling (580) 581-3308 and selecting Option #1.  This option will allow you to pay your utility bill without the assistant of a live customer service representative.  You will need your current utility bill as you will be required to your account and customer number.  The IVR will require you to use the “*” in place of the “-“ between the account and customer number as there is no dash on a phone keypad.  The system also accepts the two methods of payment, debit/credit card or bank account and the same transaction fee applies.

If you need further assistance on setting up accounts online, please call 580-581-3308, which is a designated line to assist you with accessing your account.  Assistance at his number will be available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  During high volume times, you may experience prolonged wait times.

Utility Services


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Utility Services
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Fees and Charges Manual FY 2022/2023

Utility Rate Chart

2021/2022 Fiscal Year, City of Lawton

Hotel/Motel Tax Form

New Payment System

Beginning 3/21/2022, the City of Lawton will utilize a new payment system. Click here to learn more. Click here to access the portal.

Additional FAQs

A water bill increase usually indicates increased usage. First, examine the bill. On the left hand side of the bill, you will find a Reading History. Part of the Reading History is the usage for the month, as well as previous months. If the usage is higher than what it has been in the past, you are using more water, perhaps extra family in the home or watering a garden could be the cause of the increase. If circumstances around the home have not changed then the next recommended step is to check your toilets. Toilets are the most common source of leaks. Learn how to conduct a home test HERE. If you need further bill analysis, please call the Revenue Services customer assistance line at 580.581.3308.


If your payment is not recieved by the City and paid in full on or before the due date, a late payment penalty of 10% will be assessed on any remaining bill balance.

A customer is subject to loss of service 20 days after the bill due date. The date a customer is subject to loss of service is shown at the bottom of the service bill.

Qualification for reduced rates are considered under the following circumstances:

  • An individual head of household 65 years of age or older with a combined annual gross household income of $35,650 or less.
  • An individual head of household regardless of age who is disabled having a physical or mental impairment which prevents gainful employment for one year or longer, and has documentation of such an impairment from a recognized agency (Social Security, Veterans Administration, Civil Service) or other documentation acceptable to the City. Must have a combined annual gross household income of $35,650 or less.

If you believe that  you qualify under either of the circumstances described above, you can make application at any time. Simply come to the Water Department at Lawton City Hall. 212 SW Ninth Street, with a picture ID and income verification to apply.

The primary charges on your service bill are for water, sewer and trash removal. A full utility bill breakdown/example can be HERE.

Deposits are refunded as a credit to an account after 12 consecutive on-time (no late fees) payments to the account or when the account is closed. Call 580.581.3308 to find out if you qualify for this type of credit.

The City of Lawton Solid Waste Division conducts monthly bulky waste collection on Wednesdays each month. Click here to access the collection calendar for each area.

Click HERE to learn more about your water meter and pipe workings.

In accordance with Resolution 02-97, which can be found on the bottom of this webpage, Lawton City Council may authorize utility rate increase to match consumer price index increases annually. This is done in the best interest of Lawtonians, as it may be applied consistently and in order to continue delivery and level of service.

Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRPKWntywsA&t=5s

After Hours Contact

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 580-351-8999