Stan Booker


Lawton City Hall ,
212 SW 9th Street ,
Lawton , OK , 73501

Stan Booker graduated in 1974 from Eisenhower Senior High in Lawton, Oklahoma, and then attended Cameron University. He married his high school sweetheart in 1975 and has one son, Brian, who is married to Allison, and they have two daughters.

Stan's career started in the family grocery store and continued with five years working for Safeway Stores, Inc.  At the age of 24, Stan moved his family to Marlow, Oklahoma, and purchased his first business, Hop & Sack Convenience Store there in Marlow. He opened up five more stores.  Always entrepreneurial spirited, he also opened Super Video Stores and began investing in commercial real estate. 

In 2004, Stan divested himself of all businesses to concentrate on the commercial real estate business and moved back to his hometown, Lawton. Brian has taken the reins in the family investment business and Stan has concentrated on his love for the community by investing his time and talents in civic work, mostly through The Greater Lawton Rotary Club. 

During his career, Stan has always been involved in the community and served in many capacities in different civic organizations and is an encourager of community involvement, believing that the best communities have the most citizens giving back.

After a steady decline in hearing ability, Stan had been hindered in his service to the community as communication became more of a challenge.  After receiving cochlear implants in May of 2015, his ability to serve his community was returned, and just a few months later he founded the Lawton Rotary Leadership Institute and served as its first Chairman and continues to produce the leadership events for the organization. The first event had 300 attendees and has grown into a much-anticipated event attracting 1,300 attendees annually. Stan was first elected Mayor of Lawton in November 2018, and was elected for his second term in November 2021. Mayor Booker looks forward to leading his hometown into the future.