Health Plan Review Committee


Mission Statement

The Health Plan Review Committee was established for the purpose of considering matters relating to the City of Lawton Health Plan and Flexible Benefits (i.e., FSA and HSA). The group monitors the financial condition of the health plan and makes recommendations concerning costs as well as suggested plan changes. Suggested plan changes are made via recommendations to the Human Resources Director and City Manager based on the committee’s review of providers of coverage for Healthcare, Vision care, and Dental care as well as Flexible Benefits. The committee also serves as an appeal review committee for individual employees who feel their claims have not been adequately reviewed.

The Health Plan Review Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. with a requirement to meet at least once every other month.


  • The Health Plan Review Committee is made up of two Lawton Fire Department representatives, two Lawton Police Department representatives, four General Employee representatives, and one retired representative.




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