Historical Preservation Commission


Mission Statement

1. The Historical Preservation Commission exists to prepare a comprehensive inventory of historical architectural and archeological resources within the city, a general historical preservation plan to be incorporated within the comprehensive plan of the city, and findings of facts related to the recommendation for designation of historical architectural and archeological districts and certificates of appropriateness. The Historical Preservation Commission makes recommendations to City Council, with comments from the City Planning Commission, concerning the acquisition of development rights, private easements, and the development of historical overlay designations. They also make recommendations regarding grants from federal and state agencies, private groups, and individuals and the utilization of budgetary appropriations to promote the preservation of historic architectural or archeological resources and may oversee historical projects programs. This Commission strives to increase public awareness of the value of historic architectural or archeological resources by developing and participating in public information programs, by giving advice to owners or residents of such resources, and by placing monuments or markers at historical sites chosen by the Historical Preservation Commission.

The Historical Preservation Commission meets on an “as-needed” basis.


  • Deborah Jones
  • Paige Michener
  • Kent Jester
  • Cherry Phillips
  • John Jones
  • Dr. Suzanne Crawford
  • Steve Coleman
  • Ryan Studebaker




City of Lawton
212 SW Ninth Street
Lawton, OK73501-3944
United States

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