General Information-Colder Weather - February 2021

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Monday, February 8,
2021, 10:43 am
Until Further Notice

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Oklahoma is predicted to receive a bout of colder weather beginning the week of February 8, 2021. The City of Lawton officials are monitoring the upcoming weather cycles. Public Works crews stand ready to serve and assist citizens, by way of preparing or clearing roads as necessary.

Citizens are encouraged to prepare for the colder weather by turning off their sprinkler systems and draining outside faucets. More information on local preparedness can be found on the City of Lawton’s website, Citizens should monitor the National Weather Service or traditional media outlets for the latest updates on winter weather.

Thank you.


  • Keep under sink cabinet doors open
  • Cover outdoor water spigots
  • Turn off sprinkler system
  • Disconnect water hoses
  • Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in garage
  • Bring in outside pets
  • Let faucet drip with cold water
  • Place a thick fabric or carpet patch over water meter
  • DO NOT put anything inside the water meter
  • DO NOT use any heating devices to unthaw a water meter

General Winter Weather Preparedness:


  • Shovel early. The more snow and ice removed; less salt will be needed.
  • Dispose of shoveled snow in vegetated areas; never dump in streets or streams.
  • More salt does not mean more melting. Apply appropriately, salt takes time to work. Consider using a hand-held spreader to apply a consistent amount and sweep up excess salt.
  • Use safe and effective alternatives in appropriate amounts. Sand and kitty litter are effective but can clog sewers and degrade aquatic habitats when washed away. Also consider salt-free deicer.