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Employee Paid Optional Benefits

Life & AD&D Coverage

The life and accidental death and dismemberment plans provide financial security to your dependents if you die or are severely injured in an accident. As your employer, we automatically provide a certain level of coverage to you and give you the opportunity to purchase additional coverage for you and your dependents. These plans are administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Benefit eligible employees are provided employer paid life insurance in the amount of thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance in the same amount.

Supplemental Life & AD&D

Employees who wish to supplement their basic life insurance benefit may purchase additional coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield or Colonial with the convenience of payroll deduction. Employee must be enrolled in order to cover spouse and children. This insurance allows you to protect your family should something happen to you, your spouse, or your child(ren).

Short Term Disability

Most people find it difficult to lose their income, even for a few months - short term disability insurance helps replace a portion of your income when you can't work. You have access to several tiers of short term disability insurance and can receive up to 60% of your income if you need to take time off due to an injury. Short Term Disability is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Long Term Disability

Like many people, you might find it difficult to cope financially with lost income, especially for long periods of time. Long term disability insurance helps replace a portion of your income when you can't work due to a disability. There are several options available - choose the level of protection that fits your needs and your budget. Long Term Disability is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Hospital Indemnity

With hospital stays come added costs. Hospital Indemnity Insurance is one of the best ways to cover your medical plan's deductible if you're admitted to the hospital. From co-insurance to travel expenses and care for children and pets, expenses can add up. Hospital indemnity plans pay benefits directly to you to cover these types of costs. This coverage is available through Colonial.

Accident Insurance

If you're accidentally injured, your medical insurance will cover your medical expenses. Accident insurance will pay you a cash benefit to use for anything else an injury might require, such as emergency treatment, hospital stays, and transportation and lodging needs, among others. With multiple tiers of coverage to choose from, you have the flexibility to choose the right supplement to your medical insurance.  Accident Policies are offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Critical Illness Insurance

Are you concerned due to family history or personal risks that you might be diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, or Alzheimer's. Critical Illness Insurance pays you cash if you're diagnosed with a covered illness, and you can use that money for any expenses, including your medical insurance deductible. People who choose this option feel their medical plan will leave them with enough costs to justify buying added coverage. Plan Critical Illness Policies are offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance pays you cash if you're diagnosed with cancer and assists with cancer related expenses.  Cancer Policies are offered through Colonial.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account is an excellent way for you to save pre-tax funds to spend on qualified medical expenses, such as your deductible. An HSA is like a savings account - the money you set aside is yours and rolls over from year-to-year, gains interest, and stays with you, even if you change jobs. We'll let you know if you choose an HSA-qualified medical plan. The Health Savings Account is offered through HSA Bank.

Medical Flexible Spending Account

A Medical FSA can help with routine medical costs, such as prescription drugs, co-pays, and co-insurance. A Medical FSA allows you to save pre-tax funds to spend on qualified medical expenses. Remember, you may forfeit some or all of the money in an FSA that you don't use by the end of the year. The Medical Flexible Spending Account is offered through Higginbotham.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

If you care for a child or disabled adult so you can work, you can add a Dependent Care FSA to your accounts. With your Dependent Care FSA, you set aside pre-tax dollars, pay nearly anyone to provide care, and file your receipts to be reimbursed tax-free. The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is offered through HIgginbotham.

Legal and Identity Theft Plans

An affordable personal legal plan offers you access to a network of vetted professional attorneys to manage everything from parking tickets to wills and living wills to the purchase of a new home and all at a flat monthly rate. Legal Plans are offered through Legal Shield.

Affordable identity theft protection monitors your credit report and thousands of other records to detect changes fast. When theft occurs, the service takes all the necessary steps to correct bad data, reverse fraudulent charges, and restore your good name. This plan is offered through Legal Shield.

Employee Assistance Program

The Community Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free service provided to employees and their dependents. This program is designed to assist in the identification and resolution of personal problems or concerns. These services are completely confidential and can be easily accessed by calling the toll-free Helpline at 800-221-3976.

Training and Development

An investment in our employee's development is important to the City's success. With that in mind, the City of Lawton provides a variety of training throughout the year. This includes both mandatory compliance training, depending upon your position, and optional career development courses in a variety of topics. Training opportunities will be announced by the Human Resources Office.