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Citizenship Classes

Know someone who wants to prepare for the citizenship test? Contact 580.581.3450 option 3 for more details. 

Citizenship and ESL books

Citizenship and ESL Materials in the Library

The Citizenship Corner is located near the Biographies and Foreign Language sections. It contains materials on the naturalization process, citizenship test, and English language teaching and learning. See the lists below for materials in the Citizenship Corner and other areas of the library. In addition, free USCIS material are available in the lobby and Citizenship Corner. 

ESL - English as a Second Language Books and Materials

U.S. Citizenship Test Books and Materials

Learn about Citizenship 

U.S. Citizenship Guides in multiple languages from USAHello.

Learn about the Citizenship Process ,  Aprenda sobre Ciudadanía

Path to U.S. Citizenship , Vía para obtener la naturalización/ciudadanía,  covers the most common paths to citizenship. 

10 Steps to Naturalization,  10 Pasos Hacia la Naturalización

Questions and Answers about Citizenship,  Preguntas Más Frecuentes

USCIS Videos: 

Multilingual Citizenship Resources in Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, and other languages. 

Avoid Citizenship ScamsEvite las estafas de inmigración


N-400 Citizenship Application

Form N-400 : Application for Naturalization, Solicitud de Naturalización, through USCIS. 

Citizenshipworks - Walks you through filling out the application and refers to free legal advice when necessary. Available in English, Español, and Chinese. 

Exceptions and Accommodations, Excepciones y Ajustes, to the application process and citizenship test. 

Request for Citizenship Fee Waiver : Form I-912  Petición de Exención de Tarifas

Those not eligible for a fee waiver may be eligible for a Reduced Fee Waiver, Form I-942Petición de Reducción de Tarifa.

If applicable, I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status,  Solicitud de Extensión o Cambio de Estatus de No Inmigrante


Legal Assistance

Immigration Assistance Organizations by State recognized and accredited by the DOJ Office of Legal Access Programs.

Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services

Fort Sill Immigrant Legal Assistance Papers the bottom of each guide lists numbers for on-base legal assistance. 

Legalaid OK Immigration resources and links.

Legal Aid Immigration Legal Services - scroll down the page and look for Immigration Legal Services. 

National Immigration Legal Services Directory


Study for the Citizenship Tests

Find Study Materials and Test Updates in English and other languages. 

Civics Practice Test  available online or as an App in English and en Español.

Citizenship Test Prep Materials in English and en Español.

Online Lesson Plans for teachers and tutors. 

U.S. Citizenship Podcast  - also includes outside resources in English and other languages. 

USALearns English and Citizenship  register to learn. With videos in Spanish, Arabic, and Tagalog. 


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Transparent Language Online

English and Citizenship Test Learning from your phone, computer, or device

Transparent Language Online  for Library Card holders. 

Learn a new language! Contains 24 ESL courses for those looking to learn English. Get Transparent Language Online as a mobile app.

Steps to access the English and Citizenship Courses: 

1. Create an account at the website. It will ask for your email and library card number. 

2. Use online or download the mobile app. 

3. Click on Start learning.

4. Under Choose a Language to Learn choose English.

5. Click on Browse.

6. Select American Citizenship Course.