Get Quarterly Travel Reimbursement.... Here's How


How to enroll....

RSVP volunteers can enroll in the travel reimbursement program to claim travel reimbursement round trip from their home to service activity. Volunteers must maintain up-to-date auto insurance and drivers license on file at the RSVP office. A one time W-9 form must be filled out for the city finance department to issue quarterly reimbursement checks. Each month the volunteer must fill out the travel reimbursement log with the service activity location, hours served, odometer readings, and total mileage. Travel reimbursement logs are signed off by the volunteer and station supervisor before submitting to the RSVP office each month. Travel reimbursements are capped off at a predetermined amount across the board to ensure each volunteer is compensated equally. Reimbursement checks are mailed out quarterly, with the exception of April - June being cut a month short due to the end of the fiscal year. If you have any questions about enrollment contact @email or 580-581-3408.