Mission Statement

The City of Lawton received an administrative order from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in September 1994 due to the number of sanitary sewer overflows. In order to meet the requirements of the consent order to reduce the overflows, the City of Lawton decided to create an in-house design and construction program. This program would have three 7-year phases at an estimated cost of $62 million (1994 estimated value).

Council approved the implementation of the program in September 1998 and work began in February 1999. The Sewer Rehabilitation Program has exceeded all expectations. The Sewer Construction Division has saved the residents millions of dollars, remained ahead of DEQ mandated schedule, reduced inflow and infiltration into the sewer collection system by 60% and has provided the citizens of Lawton the best product available. The four crews use the latest up to date construction methods, such as pipe bursting, boring, slip lining and open cut.

Phase I & II of the program have been completed and Phase III is currently in progress.

Sewer Construction






City of Lawton
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Sewer Construction Division
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Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m to 4:00 pm

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Construction Activities

Please contact the Sewer Construction Division at 580-581-3405 if you have questions concerning projects in your area.

Possible questions could be:

  • Is the sewer main line behind my house scheduled for replacement?
  • When will construction be complete in my area?
  • Will I have to remove my fence?
  • When can I put my fence back up?

Please report any damages to the sewer system.

If you see any of the following, please call 580-581-3405:

  • Sewer leaks
  • Manhole damages
  • Overflows at manholes
  • Sink holes
  • Strong sewer odors