Lawton Public Library Advisory Board


Mission Statement

The Lawton Public Library Board meets monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm in the Main Library Board Room. There is no board meeting in July & December. The public is invited to all meetings.

Board Members
Patty Neuwirth, Chair; Term: 5/31/2019 - 5/31/2021
Susan Kremmer, Vice Chair; Term: 5/31/2019 - 5/31/2021
Frantzie Couch, Member; Term: 5/31/18-5/31/2020
Ellouise Love, Member; Term: 9/25/2018-5/31/2020
Tom Rine, Member; Term: 5/31/2019 - 5/31/2021
Jenny Breeden, Friends of the Library Liaison
Randy Warren, City Council Liaison


City of Lawton
110 SW 4th Street
Lawton, OK73501
United States

Board Documents

The Lawton Public Library is created under Lawton Municipal Code 2-3-5-331. You may visit Oklahoma libraries for more information on laws and regulations.

Board minutes for 2015 forward are available online: Board Minutes