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PUBLISHED 3/8/2022

The City of Lawton would like to remind citizens that as the seasons begin to change that the Oklahoma winds start to pick up, which leads to windblown debris. There are various ways citizens can do their part to minimize windblown debris and help keep Lawton beautiful.

Residential Tips

  • Remember to bag and tie trash bags so trash won’t fly (outlined in Lawton City Code 22-4-1-403)
  • Ensure poly cart lids are closed and no debris or bagged litter is exposed (outlined in the Solid Waste Division’s Set Out Guide)
  • Pick up windblown debris from yards and neighborhood

Commercial Tips

  • Ensure trash receptacles are closed and no debris or bagged litter is exposed (outlined in Lawton City Code 22-4-1-407)
  • Pick up windblown debris daily around building and parking lots (outlined in Lawton City Code 22-4-1-407)

Volunteer Cleanup Opportunities

For questions, contact the City of Lawton Neighborhood Services Division at 580-581-3467 or @email.


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