Leaders sign Proclamation for Healthcare Heroes Day


More than two dozen industry and faith leaders signed a proclamation and pledge honoring Healthcare Heroes for Healthcare Heroes Day -- to be observed in the City of Lawton 12/11/20 -- at the Lawton City Council meeting on 12/8/20.

The proclamation read as follows: 

"WHEREAS, healthcare officials to include all levels of staffing at each hospital, every healthcare center and every emergency medical response team in our community have proven during the COVID-19 health pandemic to be more than just essential workers but frontline heroes for all of Southwest Oklahoma; and


WHEREAS, the responsibility, dedication and fortitude of these devoted individuals to continue administering services in the face of danger and uncertainty serves as an absolute inspiration to all; and


WHEREAS, the unified vision to protect life is realized at every sector within these organizations -- from the housekeeping, janitorial and support staff to the ICU nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists; and


WHEREAS, the commitment of such heroes shines brightly even as dark days have been seen; and


WHEREAS, Lawtonians are privileged to witness and hear of tireless collaborative caretaking efforts, which truly embody the definition of Servant Leadership; and


WHEREAS, the pledge healthcare officials have taken to provide quality care and ensure patient safety is and always has been critical to the welfare of our entire city; and


WHEREAS, the appreciation for healthcare officials during this time simply cannot be overstated.


Now, therefore, I, Stan Booker, Mayor, City of Lawton, Oklahoma, do hereby proclaim December 11, 2020, to be




in the City of Lawton and am joined by business, industry, faith, educational and Fort Sill leaders to show gratitude and appreciation, and to pledge to come together to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by observing the Three W's: Wear a Mask, Watch your Distance, Wash your Hands. I encourage all Lawtonians to send words of affirmation, appreciation and positivity to Healthcare Heroes working diligently on our behalf and to take personal pledges reflecting support of their work. And, for those so inclined, to observe a day of prayer and reflection for our Healthcare Heroes and entire community.


In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and cause the Official Seal of the City of Lawton, Oklahoma, to be affixed hereto this 11th day of December 2020."