LETA to plant inaugural tree for Shady 580 initiative

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PUBLISHED 4/28/2022

As part ofArbor Day and in conjunction with Lawton’s annual Trash Off event, the Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority will plant the inaugural tree to mark the beginning of its new annual tree planting campaign, Shady 580.

The inaugural tree planting will take place at 11 a.m. Friday, April 29 at Greer Park, located on NW 38th Street. The tree will be planted along the park’s walking path north of Kid’s Zone and will be planted by Bedrock Nursery.

According to LETA Chairman Jay Burk, tree planting used to be a longstanding tradition during Lawton’s Trash Off event.

“Trash Off is a partner event with Keep Oklahoma Beautiful,” Burk said. “And another way to keep Lawton beautiful is by planting trees. This initiative is also an opportunity to take back a common name used for our area, the ‘Shady 580,’ and make it positive. Trees are proven to benefit communities by improving air quality, mitigating stormwater, providing shade, and enhancing a community’s aesthetic beauty while providing wildlife habitat and increasing property value.”

Lawton’s 2022 Trash Off event will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 30 at the McMahon Memorial Auditorium parking lot. Citizens are encouraged to bring items that may not fit in their poly cart or are not suitable for their monthly bulky waste collection. Trash Off is also an opportunity for citizens to volunteer to help clean up various areas around town. Click here for more information about the 2022 Trash Off event.

For questions, please email @email or call 580-581-3301.