Mayor Issues Proclamations for White Cane Safety Day and Code Compliance Month

mayor and lawton council of the blind

PUBLISHED 10/12/21

Lawton Mayor Stan Booker issued two proclamations during the regular City Council Meeting on October 12, 2021. Members of the Lawton Council of the Blind accepted the proclamation for White Cane Safety Day 2021. Members of the City of Lawton's Neighborhood Services and Licenses and Permits Divisions accepted the proclamation for National Code Compliance Month 2021.

White Cane Safety Day 2021 Proclamation

Whereas, the white cane is used by Lawton residents who are legally blind to allow them to navigate our city and access its public places, schools and businesses; and

Whereas,with proper training, people using the white cane can enjoy greater mobility and safety by determining the location of curbs, steps, uneven pavement, and other physical obstacles in their path; and

Whereas,the white cane has opened the doors of opportunity to thousands of blind Oklahomans by enabling them to travel freely and independently in their communities; and

Whereas,the white cane is now universally recognized as a symbol of blindness that improves the safety of blind pedestrians by alerting drivers when a visually impaired person is crossing a street, parking area or to other areas open to the public; and

Whereas, Oklahoma law requires vehicle drivers to come to a full stop at least 15 feet away from a visually impaired pedestrian using a white cane or dog guide and take such precautions before proceeding as may be necessary to avoid an accident or injury to the person who is wholly or partially blind; and

Whereas,to honor the many achievements of blind and visually impaired citizens and to recognize the white cane’s significance in advancing independence, the United States Congress, by joint resolution approved October 6, 1964, has designated October 15th of each year as “White Cane Safety Day”.

Now, therefore,I, Stan Booker, Mayor of the City of Lawton do hereby proclaim October 15, 2021 as White Cane Safety Day in the City of Lawton and urge all to observe this day by recognizing the significance of the white cane, both as a symbol of independence and as a symbol impacting technology that enables Oklahoma residents with visual disabilities to participate more fully in the social and economic life of our state.

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National Code Compliance Month 2021 Proclamation

Whereas, Code Enforcement Officers provide for safety and welfare of the citizens throughout the United States through the enforcement of local codes or ordinances facing various issues of building, zoning, housing, animal control, environmental, health and life safety.  The role of many Code Enforcement Officers has expanded in recent years with the increased number of foreclosed and abandoned homes in communities impacted economically; and

Whereas, Code Enforcement Officers often have a challenging and demanding role and often do not receive recognition for the job that they do in improving living and working conditions for residents and businesses of local communities.  They are called upon to provide quality customer service and excellence to the residents and businesses of the communities in which they serve; and

Whereas, Code Enforcement Officers are dedicated, and high qualified professionals who share the goals of preventing neighborhood deterioration, enhancing, and ensuring safety, and preserving property values through knowledge and application of housing, zoning, and nuisance codes and ordinances; and

Whereas, Code Enforcement Officers are a highly visible role in the communities they serve and regularly interact with a variety of state officials, county officials, first responders, legislative boards, commissioners, agencies, and bodies; and

Whereas, the American Association of Code Enforcement wants to recognize and honor Code Enforcement Officers and Professionals all across the United States and bring awareness to the Importance of Code Enforcement to the communities of the United States; and

Whereas, the American Association of Code Enforcement was established in 1988 for the purpose of providing ongoing training and support for Code Enforcement professionals working in the United States.

Now, Therefore, I, Stan Booker, Mayor, City of Lawton, do hereby proclaim October 2021 as National Code Compliance Month and call upon municipalities and communities to join in recognizing and expressing their appreciation of the dedication and service by the individuals who serve as our Code Enforcement Officers.

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