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Published August 4, 2022

Pickleball is played at the Patterson Center at 4 NE Arlington every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

"The way to describe it, is it's like you're playing ping pong, but you're on the table," said Pat Simpson, an avid player of the sport.

Simpson brought the idea to the Patterson Center a few months ago, and though it took some time, the sport is becoming quite popular.

"It's been pretty gratifying," Simpson said. "It was slow to get started, we came for about six weeks and nobody came. So I'd workout on the machines and get a little dejected and come back the next day. Finally, people started coming & we may need to build on!"

Known as a sport for seniors, it's catching on to even the youngest pickleball players. Lawton City Manager Michael Cleghorn even gave it a try!

"Whenever I play with these kids out here, sometimes these newcomers, you've gotta run even more with them so it's quite a challenge some times," Simpson said.

And Simpson is happy to share his knowledge on how to play.

"You play to 11, you've gotta win by two," he said. "You can only score on offense. It has some unique rules about a kitchen, where and when you can hit, the ball has to bounce, so it makes it more fair."

Aside from the great exercise, playing Pickleball allows you to socialize and make friends with your neighbors, something the Activities Coordinator is proud to see.

"We're here for you," said Yolanda Allen. "If you have any ideas on something you want to start, come see us. Take a tour. We have the Owens Center or the HC King Center. Go visit! Come and sit and talk to us, drink coffee. Come in and just enjoy!"

For more information on the activities at the Patterson Center, call (580) 581-3485.


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