All Shook Up: Lawton’s Own Advanced Earthquake Detection Device

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The Raspberry Shake is a seismograph that can fit in the palm of the hand. Not only is this device allowing viewers to monitor movement, it is also sending useful data which defines our local area on a seismic level. According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, seismic activity in the state of Oklahoma has been on the increase over the last five years. The seismograph is a way to visualize the constant changes that are happening in our area of the planet. One resident feels that “It is important to monitor seismic activities so that we can know how to be prepared in the event of an earthquake.”

Lawton is near the Meers Fault which is still active and being studied. Through the BLOSSM program, our community has been given an opportunity to contribute to science. We have the only registered and active Raspberry Shake in Southern Oklahoma at this time. The other unique element of this device is that a person can almost immediately visualize movement such as stomping or clapping while next to the device, but it is also practical enough to be able to pick up the earthquake that happened in Perry, Oklahoma last month. Our readings from this device are being sent to the Oklahoma Geological Survey and are being studied.

Some viewers have wondered if the readings from Ft. Sill’s training exercises will interfere with the readings on a seismograph. While the seismograph does pick up vibrations that can be felt by the human body and some that cannot be felt, it also picks up the ground shaking booms to which Lawtonians have become accustomed. It will also pick up cars driving by the building. However, an actual earthquake event is highly distinguishable, even to the untrained eye on the wave visualization system that we are using.

As of January 2018 this display will be a permanent display here at the Lawton Public Library. Please come and see history being made as we are the first library in the state of Oklahoma to be able to participate in this program.

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