Administrative Policy 3-05 Pre-Employment Physical Examinations

SUBJECT: Pre-Employment Physical Examinations


PURPOSE: Medical screening of prospective employees serves several purposes:


1. Ascertains that employees meet the minimum physical requirements of jobs for which they are hired.


2. Protects existing medical conditions that need corrections or control.


3. Identifies pre-existing medical conditions that need correction or control.


4. Procurement of a healthy, more productive work force.


BACKGROUND: City employment offers a variety of positions where a certain level of fitness and physical well-being are required to perform requisite tasks proficiently and safety. This need has been recognized in the Police and Fire Departments where pre-employment physicals have been mandatory for Firefighters and Police Officers for some time. This policy extends physical examinations to certain general employee positions.



RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. The Personnel Office will designate certain general employee positions as requiring the medical screening of a pre-employment physical examination for prospective hires. Position vacancy announcements will specify if successful completion of a physical is a conditions of employment. A list of the positions requiring pre-employment physicals will be maintained in the Personnel Office. These lists will be modified as requested by Department Directors subject to the approval of the Personnel Director. (See Exhibit #1).


NOTE: Existing City employees slated to be transferred or promoted into one of these designated positions would be required to undergo a physical only if the physical demands of the position are significantly different or greater than the position currently held and the gaining Department Director or Personnel Director specifies that a physical be given.


2. A successfully completed pre-employment physical will be the final step in the hiring process for these designated positions. After interview screening has been completed, the applicant selected will be notified of his/her tentative selection and informed that upon successful completion of a physical examination at City expense he/she will be hired. The applicant will be instructed to report to the Personnel Office to obtain authorization and instructions pertaining to the physical.


NOTE: As a contingency, the supervisor should retain the names of qualified alternates in case the primary candidate for employment is disqualified by the physical examination.


3. When the selected applicant reports to the personnel Office, he/she will be provided a written authorization for the physical which is to be turned in at the examining physician's office or clinic. The applicant will be informed as to when and when to report for the physical and instructed to return to the Personnel Office with the completed physical examination form.


4. If the applicant fails to report for the physical as scheduled or fails to return to the Personnel Office within 24 hours after the time scheduled for the physical, he/she would normally be disqualified from consideration for hire. However, extenuating circumstances will be considered in making the final determination.


5. The physical will include a medical history questionnaire to be completed by the applicant, general examination by a physician, and laboratory work to include urinalysis. The blood analysis (CBC, serology, blood sugar) is optional at the discretion of the Personnel Director. The questionnaire information and physical will be recorded on forms provided by the Personnel Office for that purpose (see Exhibit #2).


6. The opinion of the examining physician as to whether or not the applicant is physically qualified for the position applied for will be indicated on the examination form. Although the recommendations of the physician will normally be followed, the responsibility for the decision to hire remains with the City.


7. After completion of the examination, the applicant will return to the Personnel Office with the completed examination form in a sealed envelope. The Employee Services Office or Personnel Director will review and evaluate the form for completeness, indications of physical limitations, and physician's recommendations and signature.


a. If no significant physical limitations are indicated and the physician recommends hiring, the individual will be hired and immediately informed of such. The affected Department will immediately be notified that the selection has been finalized.


b. If the applicant is hireable except for a disease or other condition (such as high blood pressure or nearsightedness) that can be expeditiously corrected or controlled, he/she will be informed that the condition has to be resolved before employment can be considered. Treatment must be by the applicant's physician with no cost to the City. if operational considerations within the affected Department permit the hiring delay, 1-3 weeks will be allowed to control or correct the condition. A written statement signed by the treating physician will be required indicating resolution of the problem. If these requirements are met, the applicant will be hired.


c. If significant permanent or long term physical (or mental) limitations are noted, it will be necessary for the Personnel Director and the Department Director concerned to determine if these limitations would rule out the applicant for the position applied for. The applicant will be notified of the decision within 48 hours.


8. Pre-employment physical examination documentation will be maintained in the Personnel Office as a permanent part of the employee's personnel records. Examination forms for disqualified applicants will be filed with their employment applications.






EFFECTIVE DATE: This policy is effective July 2, 1984 and remains in effect until rescinded.



Robert E. Metzinger

City Manager