Council Policy 1-05 Recognition of Employees Upon Retirement

PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to revise City policy for recognizing employees upon retirement.


BACKGROUND: Prior to 1983, the City had no formal procedure for recognizing employees upon retirement from City service. On June 28, 1983, Council Policy 32 was adopted prescribing procedure and authorizing purchase of a gift. Revisions were made to the policy in 1996 and the numbering system changed the policy number to 1-5. The Employee Advisory Committee has reviewed Policy 32 and recommends minor revision.



PROCEDURES: 1. Upon retirement, an employee with ten years or more of service, will receive a gift.


2. Cost of the gift shall be a minimum of $80 with a maximum of $100.


3. Selection and purchase of the gift will be the responsibility of the employees division supervisor.


4. Invoice or receipt for the gift will be forwarded to the Mayors office for payment.


5. The gift will be presented by the Mayor and Department Director at a City Council meeting, unless otherwise requested by the retiring employee.





RESCISSION: This policy becomes effective January 25, 2000 and rescinds Council Policy 1-5, dated August 27, 1996.



DEPARTMENT: City Manager




January 25, 2000



Amended, 01/25/2000