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The Lawton area has anywhere from 120-140 Sex & Violent Offenders on any given day. These offenders are required to register with the Lawton Police Department and are put onto a statewide registry.

Sex & Violent Offender Compliance & Registration

Oklahoma law passed in 1989 requiring persons to be on a statewide registry once convicted of certain sexual offenses.  The state registry is upheld by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  Since 1989, the laws have  changed to better ensure public safety.  A level system for Sexual Offenders has been added and the level of a Sex offender is determined by a committee board under the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  A sex offender's level assignment determines how often they must show up to the Lawton Police Department (or the jurisdiction in Oklahoma that they choose to live in) to register in person.  Laws regarding where a sex offender can live, who they can live with, and where they can work have also been passed through Oklahoma law since 1989 and continue to update yearly.

Although, most don't know, in 2004 Oklahoma law passed requiring persons to register under the Mary Rippy Violent Offenders Registration Act when convicted of certain violent crimes.  Violent Offenders are monitored on the same registry as sex offenders and can be found on the same website. 

Currently, Detective Donald Pauley oversees the Sex and Violent Offender Registry for the Lawton Police Department.  If you have concerns a sex offender is not living where they are supposed to be, has not registered properly, or has not registered at all, or if you have any concerns of a sex offender living with a child when they shouldn't be, or any concern at all please contact Detective Pauley at the numbers or email listed below. 

The laws regarding Sex & Violent Offender Registration in Oklahoma can be found under Oklahoma State Statutes Title 57, sections 581-590.  If Detective Pauley is unavailable, please call the CID secretary who can assist you with who to speak to.

Laws regarding where Sex Offenders can live are found under the Oklahoma State Statutes Title 21, section 1125.

Laws regarding Violent Offenders can be found in the Oklahoma State Statutes Title 57, sections 589-599.



Cell: 580-585-2951 (text or call)


CID Secretary: 580-581-3240


Please click on the link below to see an interactive map. This link allows you to look up addresses and see areas where sex offenders are allowed to live. If the address is inside a colored area, a sex offender cannot live there as this is within 2,000 feet of a park, school, daycare, or any facility who's main business involve children. **THIS IS A GUIDELINE ONLY. ADDRESSES STILL NEED TO BE APPROVED BY LPD/State of Oklahoma**
There are some exceptions to this as some sex offenders are "grand-fathered in."
If you are on the registry and looking to move here, please search the map first and then call to verify if an address is lawful to live at prior to moving to Lawton.

FAQs and Other Information

What you need to know before Registering

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: (For Offenders registering)


Q: Why can't I live at an address if it appears to be in the green zone on the map on this page?

A: The map on this page is a guideline only and is not exact.  Oklahoma law mandates that the 2,000 foot radius is measured "as the crow flies" (straight line) and is measured from property line to property line.  Because of this, the red zone map is not 100% accurate.  This map should give a general idea of where a sex offender can and can't live. 

Q: When is the best time to come in and Register?

A: The current new registrant times are appointment only.  All other-verification, homeless check-in's, address updates, etc- are Tuesday's and Thursday's 8:00AM-3:00PM. 


Q: What paperwork do I need to bring in if I am a new register?

A: Some form of identification, release from prison/jail documentation, judgment and sentencing from the jurisdiction you were convicted of a crime in, and any court documents with affidavits attached that you might have.


Q: Is there a map that shows where a Sex Offender can live at in Lawton?

A: There is a map that is attached to the page above.  It is interactive and shows the areas that sex offenders cannot live currently. There is currently only one apartment complex in the safety zone and anything centrally located in town is usually not a green or "safe" zone area.  Please call to verify an address prior to coming in to change your address or moving to Lawton.


Q: If I have to register every 7 days, when do I come in to do so?

A: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00AM-3:00PM are the current times for homeless "check-ins" AKA registers.


Q: Can a registered sex offender live with children?

A: Some can yes, but there are stipulations and certain requirements associated with this.  When in doubt, please verify this information first with the law enforcement agency you plan on living in. 


Q: What do I need to do if I'm visiting Lawton and am required to register in another jurisdiction?

A: Any questions regarding this can be answering by calling the Offender Compliance detective prior to travel.


Q: If I am leaving Lawton for a vacation/trip what do I need to do?

A: It's always best to let someone know, but if you will be gone fro 3 or more days, a visit in person at the Lawton Police Department is needed and a check-in at the jurisdiction you will be travelling to is also needed.  It is best to call in and see what time is best to come in. 


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