Lawton Arts & Humanities Council


Mission Statement

The Lawton Arts and Humanities Council exists to encourage and coordinate cultural endeavors and activities, to provide understanding, knowledge, enjoyment, and practice of the arts and humanities, to advance the development of our citizens and contribute to the general welfare of the City and the area, and to encourage and stimulate all forms of artistic, literary, and other endeavors in the humanities.

The Lawton Arts and Humanities Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 4:00 p.m.


  • Bobbi Matchette - Chair
  • Allison Offield - Vice Chair
  • Reginald Ramey - Treasurer/Secretary
  • David Torbert
  • David Malone
  • Max Sasseen
  • Dr. Charles Owens
  • Scott Veenhuizen
  • Teresa Abram
  • Anthony Griffith
  • Chance Harmon
  • Stan Melby
  • Victor Leary






Lawton Arts & Humanities Council, c/o Arts & Humanities Div
P.O. Box 1054
Lawton, OK73502
United States


Mon to Fri, 8 am - 5 pm

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About Us

April 29, 1969, the original trustees were Jack Warkentin and the trustees (council) were Dorothy Carter, Martha Sovell, Jennie McCutcheon, Joanne Warkentin, Aulena Gibson, Darold English, Exall English, Steve Kardaleff, Dan Glascock, C.P. Mercandante, George F. Smith, and Chester L. Wells. 

Lawton Arts & Humanities Council , FY 2021-22

  1. Bobbi Matchette, Chair
  2. Allison Offield, Vice Chair
  3. Reginald Ramey, Treasurer/Secretary
  4. Teresa Abram
  5. Anthony F. Griffith
  6. Chance Harmon
  7. Victor Leary
  8. David Malone
  9. Stan Melby
  10. Dr. Charles Owens
  11. Max Sasseen
  12. David Torbert
  13. Scott Veenhuizen


International Festival Committee – In addition to the International Festival Committee members, a Lawton Arts & Humanities Council Trustee attends monthly meeting and reports on International Festival meetings to the Council.  Meets 1st Tuesday at 6:00 pm  (McMahon Memorial Auditorium). For more information, visit the International Festival Program.

Naturalization Reception Committee  – Coordinates and facilitates all aspects of the annual reception.

Trust Indenture/Bylaws Committee – 

Policy & Procedures Committee – Responsible for researching and developing new policies as needed to include the By-laws.  

Fundraising Committee – 

Nominating Committee – Recommends annual cultural award recipients, board officers and board members.  Oversees annual board orientation.  

Programming/Marketing Committee – Assists with current year program implementation as needed, to include marketing of all projects.


Lawton Arts & Humanities Council also serves with an outside organization, the Arts for All, Inc. The council has one vote on the AFA Board which meets 3rd Monday at 12:00 noon (Old Town Hall).  For more about the Arts for All organization, visit their website at

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