2019 One to Six Art Purchase Award Recipient Announced

2019 One to Six Art Winner

Chris Martin, Recipient of the 2019 One to Six Art Purchase Award

The One to Six Art Purchase Award was created to support the mission and goals of the Lawton Arts & Humanities Council and the City of Lawton. The original artwork selected is in turn presented to the six recipients of the annual Lawton Cultural Awards. The 2019 One to Six Art Purchase is awarded to photographer Chris Martin of Lawton, Oklahoma.

Chris Martin moved to Lawton in the Spring of 2010. He immersed himself into the community by opening his photography studio in 2014, joining the Lawton Chamber of Commerce, and volunteering his time and talents to the arts community and the Lawton-Fort Sill community at large. Chris has helped raise money for the arts by donating his art pieces and his professional portrait sessions.

A few of his volunteer services to the arts include the Arts For All Chocolate event, the Arts For All Gala, the Lawton Ballet Theatre, the Lawton Community Theatre and since January of 2019, he has pro bono production work by providing video footage and editing for "Lawton Lineup" which covers civic and cultural events in the Lawton area.

Chris has also established a local Help Portrait event in 2017 by amassing a team of professional photographers to provide free individual and family portraits to those who cannot afford to pay for these services. For the past three years, hundreds of families can now chronicle their families with these professional portraitures.

Chris was born and raised in Oklahoma, and his journey behind the camera started around the age of seven with his grandmother’s Polaroid 600 and his mother’s Canon 35mm. If there was a camera within arm’s reach, you could find him burning through exposures, waiting eagerly for the final image to be delivered from the lab.

When he opened his first studio in 2014, Chris focused on commercial photography, headshots, real estate photography and luxury high school senior portraits. Today, when he is not in the studio or with a client, you can typically find him in the field chasing sunsets or thunderstorms, trying to capture that jaw dropping, once in a lifetime, unique shot.

“The continually changing weather and landscapes have created within me a desire to capture each moment in a way which tells a story,” said Chris. “Memories are as fleeting as the weather, moments last but seconds, yet these fleeting instances, when captured, tell the story of existence, frozen eternally which will ensure the story is never forgotten.”

Capturing these unique moments is his passion.  Chris describes himself as a storyteller, working to preserve memories, creating images to pass on to future generations. These photos preserve the closest to perfect moments, freezing them in time. This is the story of his work.

Through honed skills, countless hours of practice and dedication to precision, his images transport you to the moment, allowing you to hear the waves crashing against the shore, smell the pine trees in the air of the early morning fog or feel the revving engine of a car speeding down an open road.

“Combining my love for landscapes and travel, with the desire to capture and create moments, I offer my clients my skillset wherever they would like me to travel,” said Chris. “Taking clients to the perfect destination to capture a moment, creating a memorable, once in a lifetime experience, while telling the subject’s story, is the quintessence of who I am; a photographer.”

For more information about Chris Martin’s art and photography, visit his website, www.chrismartin.tv.

Chris Martin's artwork will be presented to the 2019 Lawton Cultural Award winners.  He and the 2019 Lawton Cultural Award recipients will be recognized at the annual Arts for All Kick-Off Fund Drive Luncheon, Friday, February 28, 2020, 11:30am, Hilton Garden Inn, 135 NW 2nd Street in Lawton.

Reservations are required for this very popular event, cosponsored by the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce, contact them at 580-355-3541. The City of Lawton and the Lawton Arts & Humanities Council extend appreciation to the Arts for All Organization for allowing these presentations during this great community event.

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