CIP Community Meeting, 9/30/19

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25 September 2019

Mayor Stan Booker will host a CIP Community Meeting from 5-7 p.m. on Sept. 30 in the City Hall Auditorium, 212 SW Ninth. This meeting will include a presentation and is formatted as a question-and-answer session; all citizens are welcome to attend.

“All community members are encouraged to come provide their feedback and insight about what is proposed to be included on the ballot in January,” Booker said. “It is integral that the priorities set by the Council as part of the CIP coincide with those of the community.”

There have been a handful of CIP workshops to date, during which citizens, public servants and organizations have been invited to make presentations about various initiatives and programs that have been proposed as part of the overall program. Topics have ranged from an indoor athletic complex (citizens who have proposed this project will be available to answer questions about it on Monday, per Booker) to transparency software and infrastructure needs. During the Monday meeting, the mayor intends to provide a breakdown of the proposed funding in each category. He said no final decisions regarding the CIP yet been made. Further discussion will ensue at the Oct. 1 Special Meeting of the Lawton City Council.

“We only move forward successfully by doing so together,” Booker said. “The upcoming CIP needs everyone’s involvement and support.”

Those unable to attend are welcome to communicate feedback or recommendations to Booker via email at @email. Materials given at the upcoming meeting will be made available to all at City staff also plans to livestream the upcoming meeting online.