The City of Lawton's Bag & Tie Campaign is Underway!


Published March 1, 2023

Communications & Marketing Department

The Bag & Tie Campaign is officially underway!

Over the next three months, with the help of our mascot, Ty, we will be covering various practices to help keep our community safe and clean.

First up: Bagging & Tying your trash. This means simply ensuring there is no loose garbage in your poly cart. It must be put in a bag & that bag must be tied. You know the song - "OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!" Bagging your garbage will prevent litter from blowing out of our trash trucks & landfill. Not only does loose trash harm our environment, but failing to bag your trash can also result in a minimum fee of $190.

Second: Securing your load. This not only prevents fallen materials, but it can even save a life. Having loose waste or materials in the back of your vehicle creates a hazard for the motorists around you. Driving with unsecured items can also result in a ticket from the Lawton Police Department for $750.

Third: Bulk Waste. The City of Lawton provides a bulk waste pickup service, but the guidelines and schedules need to be followed. Setting bulk waste out of cycle not only creates an eyesore but also attracts pests and promotes wind-blown litter. We have plenty of information for you to understand what qualifies as bulk, when you can set it out, & penalties you could face for not abiding by these rules. Click here to learn more.

Keeping our community safe and clean can be as simple as bagging your trash, securing your load, and following your bulk pickup schedule. You can save the environment -and money - by following these guidelines. 

Always remember, bag & tie so your trash won't fly!

For more information about Collection Guidelines and Schedules, contact the City’s Solid Waste Division at (580) 581-3428, and keep an eye out for messages from our Bag & Tie mascot, Ty!