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Published 5/26/21

LAWTON – The Lawton City Council approved entering into an agreement with the Oklahoma Works South-Central Oklahoma Workforce Board to participate in the organization’s On-the-Job Training program and Work Experience Program at the Lawton City Council meeting on May 25.


Representatives from Oklahoma Works offered an overview presentation to council and community, accompanied by interim City of Lawton Human Resources Director Craig Akard. According to Akard, the City of Lawton is looking forward to joining forces with Oklahoma Works on providing employment opportunities.


Oklahoma Works will work with us, through our job descriptions, to identify individuals in their programs that meet our criteria and may be suitable candidates,” Akard said. “Workforce does screening on their part as far as abilities and qualifications of possible employees and refers them to us. Or, if we have an applicant that may not be qualified for a position due to training or experience, we refer them to Workforce and they can possibly help with the training.”


The City of Lawton will take part in Oklahoma Works’ On-the-Job Training Program and Work Experience Program to aid in hiring and training recommended candidates throughout the City of Lawton. Akard said he believes both programs will benefit the City’s employment opportunities in various facets.


“When we hire a new employee that may not be as qualified as we would like, the directors are actually taking a chance on whether or not the employee will work out,” Akard said. “Some of the time it does and some it does not. In either case, the city is paying for the full salary, plus benefits. Partnering with Oklahoma Works, we can utilize the On-the-Job Training Program and offset those cost by up to 50 percent, salary only, and take a chance on applicants that may not necessarily be qualified on paper but we understand to be quick learns and hard workers through our partners at Oklahoma Works."


The other program, Akard said the Work Experience Program entails Oklahoma Works paying for the employee’s salary and benefits while they work at the City of Lawton, saving local taxpayer dollars with full intentions of given public services still being rendered.


"This may be for someone who is not sure what they may want to do for a job or for someone that has no experience or is lacking a particular skill set for a job," Akard explained. "However, Oklahoma Works knows the candidate and believes they could learn the position and prosper there so we may give them an opportunity to get a feel for the position, see if they like it, or if they show promise.”


The Oklahoma Works programs are expected to be implemented within coming months.

Other workforce initiatives/partnerships that the City of Lawton takes part in include the Transition Program and the AIM (Apprenticeship, Internship, Mentorship) Program through Lawton Public Schools.


For more information about employment opportunities at the City of Lawton, visit or contact the City’s Human Resources Office at 580.581.3392.


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