COL UPDATE: Digital Transformation, February 2020


11 February 2020

The digital transformation to realize the long-term goal of creating a “Virtual City Hall” continues this month with the implementation of an online utility services platform. The platform, a solution from Lilac Technologies, is slated to go live by March 1, 2020.

“This will allow citizens the ability to better manage their utility bills online, as well as take an in-depth look at usage patterns or update contact information more conveniently,” said Gwen Spencer, Director of Information Technology Services.

Paper bills will continue to be sent to citizens unless they choose to opt out or “go paperless.” No current services will be retracted with the implementation of the platform. Users who choose to set up a digital account by providing an email address and/or phone number, however, will have the option to receive emergency alerts from the City of Lawton at a later date as the Information Technology Department is also currently working toward a partnership with Sprint Corporation to set up this type of service.

The online utility services platform is a service enhancement that comes on the heels of several other City upgrades being implemented to best streamline services and increase efficiency:

 The acquiring of body cameras and upgrading of patrol car cameras for the Lawton Police Department;

 The launch of iHelp Lawton, an online citizen concern reporting tool, and the creation of the CCIP (Citizen’s Capital Improvement Plan portal), which contains information on the status of all CIP projects through Lawton;

 The establishment of a new Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center;

 The ongoing city-wide transition to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system that will allow for additional calling features for City staff, ultimately resulting in more efficient and reliable communications for citizens and business partners.

(Current phone number updates include:
Solid Waste Collection | 580.581.3428
Solid Waste Disposal (Landfill) | 580-581-3468
Housing and Community Development | 580-581-3347
IT Department 580-581-3337 (admin) or Ext. 1500
IT Services Help Desk | 580-581-3338 (admin) or Ext. 1501
Finance | 580-581-3328)

“We have made vast technological improvements over the last year,” said City Manager Michael Cleghorn. “We are grateful for the leadership and innovation of Director Spencer and her team, and are very much looking forward to upgrading additional systems and services that will continue our development of a Virtual City Hall, affording greater accessibility and convenience to all citizens.”

The Department of Information Technology is currently finalizing an agreement with Tyler Technologies that will include solutions for enterprise resource planning, data and insights software, a new municipal court system and more. Updates on this agreement and on implementation will be made available to the community upon the finalization of the agreement.


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