Community Service Spotlight: AMBUCS

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Published November 14, 2022

DaLynna Wood | Multimedia Specialist

Three AMBUCS chapters, one mission of inspiring mobility and independence.

"AMBUCS in general, our biggest mission is to give people with disabilities mobility," said Jeanette Clement-shaw, Great Plains AMBUCS President. 

"Especially to those that have special needs or that have needs at all," said Linda Mask, Sergeant at Arms for Mountain Metro AMBUCS. "Then it became the Amtrykes, the ramps, and the scholarships."

People unable to operate a traditional bike can now share this experience, thanks to the AmTryke adaptive tricycle.

The access ramps give those struggling to get in and out of their homes the ability to do so, while the scholarships provide opportunities for speech and occupational therapists.

Most people are familiar with the Lawton AMBUCS because of their famous Pancake Days at the Great Plains Coliseum.

"It's a big social gathering," said Rick Kerr, AmTryke Coordinator for Lawton AMBUCS. "Everybody in the community knows about Lawton AMBUCS pancake days, and for twelve dollars at the door, you can have bacon, sausage, eggs, and all the pancakes you can eat."

Each chapter has its own unique fundraiser. You'll catch the Mountain Metro Chapter at the Great Plains Coliseum in April, bringing out a crowd of car connoisseurs.

"Our signature event is our car show," Mask said. " The Trykes and Tread car show, it's every year. We're on our eleventh year, and it will be at the Great Plains Coliseum at the end of April."

The Great Plains Chapter prides itself on putting the fun in fundraisers.

"We like to do things like mud runs, and mud volleyball," said Clement-shaw. "We sell the beers at the Freedom Fest for the Fourth of July weekend, and then lately we've really gotten into a big corn hole tournament. Every chapter throughout the country is different, but we still end up having the same mission."

There are over 160 chapters that provide services to communities in all 50 states. 

For more information about how to get involved, contact Regional Director Gordon Shaw at (580) 917-2497.