Demolition of old Lawton Police Station has officially started

K&M Dirt Services at the old police station

Published May 17, 2023

Mary Grace Pewewardy | Multimedia Specialist

The demolition of the old Lawton Police Station is finally underway. K&M Dirt Services, LLC has been awarded a contract for $289,681.50 to demolish the building. Demolition started May 15 and will be complete within 90 days.

The old police station was built in 1964. It was fully functional and used until two years ago when the police station was moved to their newly built location on Southwest Railroad Street.

The old police station has had several problems in the past. The building has had mold issues, sewer problems, and even fire damages. It would take a significant amount of money for the City of Lawton to repair, but even then the building would not be fully functional as it once was. Upgrading our officers to their new building was the better option. 

“We are going 3 or 4 feet below the grade,” Lawton Civil Engineer Shivani Rani said. “We are going to smooth out the plot and leave it for any plans Lawton has for it.”

Since the police department was moved to their new building, the demolition of the old building has been an ongoing project for a year. The City had to remove asbestos from the building before they could continue with the project. 

While there are no current plans for the plot, Deputy Chief Will Hines is excited about the possibilities: “We could put a new building on it if they choose to or even make it into a parking lot. There is no limit to what can be done with the plot.”

Right now, they are cleaning out the inside of the building, but demolition will visibly start next week. 



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