Dewayne Burk to begin as City's Human Resources Director


City Management has appointed Dewayne Burk, current fire chief of the Lawton Fire Department, as human resources director for the City of Lawton. Burk accepted the position April 12 and will begin his new role toward the end of the month. He has completed 27 years of service with the fire department and will formally retire from the Oklahoma Fire Service as he steps into his new position.

“My position at the fire department prepared me in so many ways for this upcoming role,” Burk said. “For the past several years, I have specialized in personnel management, policy development and implementation, and many other areas that are integral in efficiently running a human resources department. I have the opportunity to positively impact the entire City by stepping into this position and I am very excited about that.”

During his career with the Lawton Fire Department, Burk claimed numerous accolades, to include – most recently – the J. Ray Pence Chief Officer Award that recognizes the actions and activities of chief fire officers in Oklahoma who “produce progressive and outstanding improvements in safety, efficiency and effectiveness in the areas of fire prevention, fire suppression and fire administration.” He was also monumental in securing Central Fire Station on the National Register of Historic Places, helping Lawton attain an “ISO” 1 Rating for the first time, and assisting in the design and establishment of Fire Station No. 8 on the west side of Lawton. Burk has served as Lawton fire chief since 2013 and also represented the City as an executive board member for the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association for the past four years.

“It has been a huge privilege to serve as fire chief and I feel I am leaving the department better than I found it, which is something leaders should strive to do,” Burk said. “There are some incredibly dedicated public servants within the fire department and I’ve been fortunate to have the chance to serve alongside them.”

Burk aims to “establish consistency” for the City as human resources director while collaborating with other City leadership to maintain or implement best practices for recruitment, record-keeping, benefits oversight and payroll management, among other areas of responsibility.


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