Digital Update: City transitions to Microsoft Office 365


July 10, 2019

Advancing in its next step of digital transformation, the City of Lawton has transitioned to Microsoft Office 365 for all staff, to include retirees still receiving City benefits. The changeover, led by Information Technology Services (ITS) Director Gwendolyn Spencer, includes upgraded web and mobile email, access to Microsoft Office suits, remote desktop connection and more.

The effort is the first phase in moving toward overall digital communication upgrades for the City. Approximately 85 percent of City staff were issued City email accounts prior to making the transition. Within the next 30 days, all employees will have access to an inbox and be trained in applicable areas of Microsoft Office 365.
“This transition will greatly improve our internal communication, which will, in turn, allow us to communicate more effectively and productively with those we serve,” said City Manager Michael Cleghorn.

Other upcoming ITS projects include the establishment of an intranet, completion of VOIP phone services and the installation of new departmental software that will allow for greater efficiency and transparency. Upgrades come on the heels of the January Proposition passage, in which citizens voted to allocate funding to information technology needs in the City of Lawton.

“The Information Technology Services Departments has collaborated well with other City divisions and entities in working toward our mission to achieve a virtual City Hall,” Cleghorn said. “We applaud their efforts and look forward to continuing improvements of equipment, software and services across the City.”

Additional digital transformation news and updates will be disseminated through media partners, social media platforms and online at, the official City of Lawton website, moving forward.


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