Extra Mile Day 2023

Stephen Wall

Published November 9, 2023

DaLynna Wood | Multimedia Specialist

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Stephen Wall was celebrated for his outstanding dedication to the community by receiving the prestigious title of Extra Mile Hero for 2023. Steven Howard and David Tyler also received this award but were unable to attend the meeting.

This proclamation acknowledges Wall's exemplary efforts in personal endeavors, volunteerism, and service, highlighting the special vibrancy that emerges when individuals collectively go above and beyond.

Lawton, Oklahoma, prides itself on fostering a culture that encourages citizens to maximize their contributions to the community. This is achieved through wholehearted dedication, unwavering commitment, and a strong sense of conviction towards individual ambitions, family, friends, and the community at large.

Furthermore, Lawton is a community that chooses to recognize and honor those individuals and organizations who consistently go the extra mile. By shining a light on these exceptional efforts, the city aims to inspire others and create a culture of upliftment within the community.

The proclamation also aligns with the mission of Extra Mile America, which strives to cultivate 550 Extra Mile cities across the United States. The City of Lawton takes pride in supporting "Extra Mile Day," a nationwide event that will take place on November 1, 2023, to celebrate those who go above and beyond in their respective communities.

Stephen Wall's dedication and unwavering commitment to going the extra mile has not only made a significant impact on Lawton, Oklahoma but serves as an inspiration to others. His selfless contributions have elevated the vibrancy of the community and exemplify the values that the Extra Mile Hero Award represents.

Thank you to our Extra Mile heroes for being an inspiration to us all!