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15 April 2020

Door-to-door vendors – persons selling essential business items or services during this time of civil emergency – are permitted to operate in the Lawton community with a city issued permit. In order to be issued a door-to-door vendor permit, an individual must represent a local business that has a local storefront


A person that lawfully solicits door-to-door will have an identification badge issued from the City of Lawton containing City insignia, a photo of the seller, and other applicable information to include contact information to confirm permit status through the City of Lawton Community Services Department.


The hours of door-to-door vendors are set as 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day of the week, unless prior arrangements have been made with the occupants of the residence. Social distancing must be practiced to the extent possible by door to door vendors.


Door-to-door permits cost $10 to $50. City Hall is primarily closed to the public during this time with the exception of given circumstances and City Council meetings. However, License & Permits staff are working to issue permits through pick-up and drop-off boxes in the lobby of the building, and servicing citizens digitally when possible. Call 580.581.3360 for more information.


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