Knox Homebox program now available for residents


Every second counts in emergencies and Lawtonians will now have the opportunity to allow first responders immediate entry in such cases as the Lawton Fire Department has registered with the Knox Homebox program through the Knox Company.

The company leading this program produces rapid entry security devices that attach to front doors and can be accessed with a special key that is locked securely in a LFD apparatus. The devices allow for quick medical assistance and reduce forced entry property damage, according to program coordinator and Assistant Fire Chief Thad Hulbert.

“Anyone who is perhaps elderly or has a health condition that may alter their mobility should consider enrolling,” Hulbert said. “This is an alternative for busting down a door or breaking a window to reach citizens in need.”

The devices were previously only offered to commercial establishments but have now been extended to residential properties. Persons living within City limits may enroll in the Homebox program by signing up online at or picking up an application for the box in-person at Central Fire Station, 623 D Avenue. Enrolled residents will then receive Homeboxes and be instructed to make contact with LFD for full installment procedures.

Hulbert said the one-time Homebox purchase will range from $159 to $174 and the device requires no monthly monitoring.

Knox Company is the leading provider of rapid entry security devices for more than 14,000 fire departments and other governmental agencies nationwide. For more information, visit or call the Lawton Fire Department at 580.581.3290.


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