Lawton City Council to vote on proposed LATS Transit Center

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Published September 20, 2022

The vacant lot between A & B Avenue, off of Railroad Street in Lawton is the proposed site for the Lawton Area Transit System's Transit Center, administration & maintenance facilities, and electric charging stations.

There have been at least four proposed locations to the City Transit Trust to find a viable location for the Transit Center and since 2016, each one of those has been turned down by the City Council after hearing from the public.

Recently, they landed on this area between A & B Avenue.

“The reason why this was selected was that it was in an area the City of Lawton already owns," said Ryan Landers, LATS General Manager. "It’s strategically located next to Public Safety Center, so we’re closer to police and fire and we’re closer to safety."

Initially, there was a proposal to close a small portion of B Avenue. However, depending on the design of the facility, that may not even have to happen.

"This particular spot has been vacant for years," Landers said. "The City wants to start building up the downtown. This is a step in the right direction. With a transit center, we can bring some amenities to the public that they have waited way too long to have.”

Those amenities include a ticketing counter, heat & air conditioning for passengers, and quite possibly the most exciting – public restrooms.

“We’ve been using the library," said Landers. "I appreciate all the help they’ve done for the last 20 years, but 20 years is a long time with passengers coming in and out, but now we can have our own facility.”

Moving the transit center from Bishop Road to the proposed location will also help LATS save money. LATS has 9 busses that travel up to 12 miles every day, without passengers. Extra miles not collecting money from passengers means extra fuel & extra wear & tear on the busses.

"That’s a huge amount of savings we can have – fuel savings, maintenance costs," he said. "Our busses are past their lives, so if we can save some of those miles, I think it’ll have a drastic impact on day to day operations.”

This location still needs to be approved. City councilors will meet in executive session on September 27th to vote on the proposed location. If you have any questions concerning this project, contact the City of Lawton’s Planning Department at (580) 581-3375.


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