Lawton Redistricting Commission Ratifies New Ward Map

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PUBLISHED 1/26/2022

The Lawton Redistricting Commission has ratified a new ward map for the City of Lawton.

The new ward boundaries will not affect 86 percent of residents, but will split four precincts, including precincts 2, 26, 31 and 45.CLICK HERE to view the ratified map.

The new ward map will go into effect after it is filed with the City Clerk’s Office, which is in accordance with the Lawton City Charter, Section C-6-2.

Since late 2021, after the results of the 2020 Census were made available, the nine-member commission has hosted various public meetings, to include one public hearing, at City Hall with assistance from City of Lawton staff from the Planning Department and GIS Division.

According to the Lawton City Charter, the commission is to meet every 10 years upon receipt of the U.S. Census, or at other times it deems desirable, to convene and approve a new ward map. The commission must readjust the wards and their boundaries to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Each ward shall be formed of compact, contiguous territory with boundaries drawn to reflect and respond to communities of common interest, ethnic background, and physical boundaries, to the extent reasonably possible; and
  2. The wards shall be substantially equal in population.

“It has been our pleasure to assist the Lawton Redistricting Commission with their selection of a new ward map,” said Community Services/Planning Director Janet Smith. “The citizens were well-represented in the diversity of the commission members, and I am confident that our residents will be well-served by the changes made to accommodate changes in our population.”

For more information, contact the City of Lawton’s Planning Department at 580-581-3375.


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